Kickr Bike, Apple TV and gradient


Recently bought a kickr bike. I use it though my Apple TV. Noticed that the climb function works intermittently. To the point that I have been on a 15% incline and the bike isn’t moving, then later it will move a little on a 5%.

I am not on an erg workout and the trainer difficulty is set to 100%

I ran zwift though my iPhone App on the same course and it all worked perfectly…

Is there an issue with the platform and Apple TV and the kickr bike?

Am I not doing something?


Zwift → Wahoo app → Kickr Bike

You may want to check the Wahoo app if everything is calibrated properly

It’s fully set up with the wahoo app. There is no calibration (to my knowledge) with the kickr bike. On the wahoo app, I can see the tilt and it follows the manual changes I make. I.e when I “unlock” the bike elevation manually and raise and lower the bike from the buttons on the handlebars, the app follows. So it seems the bike is okay, it’s the demand for change coming from the game? But yet it works fine with my iPhone but no Apple TV

Have the same set up, latest zwift version for ATV, latest kickr bike firmware and all works flawlessly, with and without companion app.

force close the Zwift app on Apple TV after each use, make sure it is updated (don’t rely on auto-updates) for Zwift and the Apple TV OS.


ive done that and still get the same. 10% gradient and the Kikr bike doesnt move…

it certainly seems an issue with Apple TV as i carry out all the shutdowns and re-boot and the climb doesnt work on apple TV, but when i shut it down and run the game through iphone, the climb works perfectly and follows the in-game gradient. Very very frustrating

what is your trainer difficulty set at on Apple TV? Is it at 0 or all the way to the left?

Oh never mind, I see you stated 100% already…

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thats good to hear and frustrating for me at the same time!!! I wonder what is going wrong with my set up.

Hi, did you ever resolve your Apple TV and Zwift/Climb problem? Our set ups have startebeing very twitchy on ATV

What I do is always force close the Zwift App on Apple TV before changing rides. If it start a ride, it’s always from a newly started iteration of Zwift.

That’s painful to do, but it works. It’s especially frustrating to do that just to change a bike or wheels ahead of an event.