AppleTV & kickr bike: extra functionality stopped working

I have a kickr bike and currently using an Apple TV.
A few weeks ago the extra functionality of the kickr bike as steering, bike gradient auto adjustment, powerUp button has stopped working. (1.54, 1.55,…)

This is the case with and without the companion app. Gradient is of course unlocked and all the necessary pairing is active. Steering icon is there while riding.

Not entirely sure but with a Mac the problem is not there (can’t test it at the moment).

By the way I don’t have currently “trainer difficulty” in the settings. This is not the first time with that problem. Normally a logout helps for this, but how to do it on an Apple TV?

Hoping, someone can help!


This implies that the bike is not paired for Resistance. Is the Resistance tile showing blue?

Do the features you’re expecting work when you use the Wahoo Fitness app instead of Zwift?

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It is everything blue as normal on the paining screen. I can race normally.
I even have a blue steering icon while riding.

I‘m quite sure it is an AppleTV only problem.

Every think is paired. Resistance is working. All necessary tiles are blue. In riding, there is a steering sign next to my name.
But neither steering, nor powerUp button on bike and bike tilting is not working.

On my main computer (Mac) everything is working!!
Setup is the same. Same pairing.
As expected, a Apple TV only problem

What if you pair everything through Companion?

The standard things to try with wonky Apple TV…

Force-quit the Zwift app after every ride.

Power cycle all the devices (trainer, Apple TV).

Delete the Zwift app and reinstall it.

Do a factory reset of the Apple TV.

as mentioned in first post, it does not matter if using companion or not

Sorry, it wasn’t clear to me that you were actually pairing via Companion when you said “with and without Companion”.

I would try what Paul suggested. I don’t have a Kickr bike but my Zwift Play works fine with Apple TV via ZC.

Problem is solved after reinstalling Zwift on Apple TV. Thanks

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