Uggh...More controllable issues

Kickr 5, AppleTV, iOS, wifi seems solid
Zwift game on Apple TV won’t control the trainer during a workout. Toggling ERG mode on/off has no impact on resistance

Seems related to AppleTV. When I open game in MacOS and/or iOS, it seems to work fine.
Then when I go back to AppleTV, I have to re-pair, then things seem to work fine.
TMRW I’ll just try re-pairing before I ride.

Why is the Kickr paired with your phone? that is not right.

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Welcome to the forums @Rawson_Hubbell_DIRT

Also, why do you have a separate cadence sensor, doesn’t the Kickr have that built in (estimated cadence)? Are you using the companion app to bridge the signal to the Apple TV?

Dunno…I’m pairing in the AppleTV app…that’s just what it does when you go through Companion.

Again…dunno. When I go to Pairing on AppleTV, it offers, “power”, cadence, HR, and “controllable”.
Controllable auto connects with Power.

I use AppleTV and connect via Companion App.

Yes, power and controllable will be the same and both the kickr, your HR should be the tickr and cadence should also be the kickr, not a seperate sensor. You dont need to use the companion app to connect, they can all go direct to the apple tv.

Did you try to unpair and forget the trainer and cadence sensor on the phone.

I’ve just tried to replicate Rawson’s issue on my set-up (Apple TV, Bluetooth bridging Wahoo KICKR and other devices via Companion on an iPhone). The temporary appearance of the KICKR and other devices in the list of Bluetooth devices paired in the phone’s Bluetooth settings page is normal. As soon as the Zwift BT bridge is cut, they disappear from that list of bluetooth devices (unlike others, which remain and just show ‘no’) as they are not paired with the phone in the true sense of the term.

I wasn’t able to replicate the ERG fail during a workout like that which you’ve illustrated. One difference in our set-ups is that I’m on a 2018 KICKR, so also using different firmware. I have no idea if there are known issues around the controllable of the KICKR 5.

In your shoes, I’d probably go through the usual cycle of checking that all my devices were running the latest versions of OS, firmware, etc., then power cycle all devices, too., before trying again.

As a further aid to troubleshooting, would you be able to provide us with a photo of your Zwift pairing screen, showing the controllable paired, alongside the rest? It might help shed some light on the matter. Good luck with it all.

this reminds me @Rawson_Hubbell_DIRT , with Apple TV you should be force closing Zwift after every ride. Otherwise, bugs seem to show up more often.

Hi @Rawson_Hubbell_DIRT

Sorry to hear about the resistance issues during your workouts on Apple TV.

Best I can tell, you’ve already been provided with a lot of good suggestions from our many awesomely knowledgeable Zwift community members.

If you’re regularly force closing Zwift on the Apple TV and ZC app between your Zwift sessions (as explained in this article), and still getting no resistance in ERG mode, I’d say you could benefit from contacting our tech support team for some one-on-one help. Our support team should be able to take a closer look at your account setup, log files, and try to help figure out what’s going on.

You can reach us here!

Still no luck…followed rules for force closing Zwift of Apple TV. This morning’s ride was a MeetUp, but not a workout. Connected through Apple TV and Companion App. Everything worked fine for about 25 min, then I got disconnected from power.
Started a new ride NOT in the Meetup and connected via bluetooth directly, skipping Companion. Everything worked fine for my remaining 45 min. ride.

Sounds like it could be Bluetooth interference issues. Are you using other BT devices at the same time, e.g. earphones?


Seems to me that the issue is with your ZC BLE bridge, Rawson. If the power and/or resistance dropped mid-ride, but then had no issues after you’d switched to using the built-in BLE pairing on the Apple TV, then is stands to reason that the WiFi connection on your phone dropped out, resulting in the paired devices also dropping out.

That’s the one downside to using the ZC app as BLE bridge to pair --sometimes if the WiFi connection drops on the phone, you lose your paired devices. This can typically be mitigated, however, by following the troubleshooting steps in this article.

Either that, or don’t use the ZC BLE bridge, and stick with native (built-in) BLE pairing on your respective devices. That’s typically the better option anyway wherever possible since there’s less margin for error by eliminating the WiFi variable from your pairing process.

Yes, but on this morning’s ride, it failed to control the trainer and I had no headphones connected.

I’m not in love with the ZC BLE bridge, but I do like connecting HR, Cadence, and power. And I’m limited to two connections if I go direct, no?

yes it is limited, but the Kickr will technically only use one connection for Power, Controllable, and Cadence. You can still go direct and pair everything along with your HRM on only 2 bluetooth channels.

really? How does it get cadence?
So you’re saying if I connect only Power and HR, I’ll get controllable and cadence, too?


The Kickr estimates cadence, it is quite accurate actually.

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you still need to pair the kickr as the controllable and cadence source in the pairing screen, but it shouldn’t be an issue.

Yup, since a firmware update in Q3 2019, most KICKR models do away with the need for a separate cadence sensor. Shane Miller’s explainer was pretty good: Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer Updates: Cadence // Bluetooth Connections - YouTube

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