KIckr Climb doesn't always work with Apple TV

I’ve been using Apple TV for a few months, and in general it’s been great.
Frequently I have an issue where the Climb is unresponsive when pairing with the Companion App. I’ll have to unpair or at times unplug the Kickr and/or Climb to get everything to work properly.
I use Favero Assioma pedals as my power source & a Kickr as my controllable.
I believe that this has also happened when I use the Kickr for both.
This was an occasional problem when I used a PC, more frequent with ATV.

I think that the presence of this issue may be dependent on which order I turn on ATV & ZCA.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Zwift doesn’t know anything about the Climb. The Climb connects to the KICKR and acts based on the gradient info that Zwift sends the KICKR, which it forwards on to the Climb. This can be affected by the mode you’re in (IIRC, ERG mode doesn’t provide gradient info) and the “Trainer Difficulty” setting (50% turns a 10% gradient into a 5% gradient), tho you can get around the latter with tweaks to the Wahoo config.

If it’s an intermittent problem, my guess would be the connection between the KICKR and Climb having issues.