Will Apple TV handle this setup?

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine would like to start using Zwift, but he has no PC at disposal and he would therefore get himself an Apple TV 4K.

Now, the main issue here is: he only owns an Android smartphone, which is known to have issues with regards to the Companion App, pairing devices, etc… and to make matters worse, he will have several different components to be connected to the Apple TV, which has only 2 free channels as far as I know.

His setup would include:

  1. Wahoo KICKR 2018 (which already sends out 3 different signals if I am not mistaken)
  2. Wahoo CLIMB
  3. Kalenji Dual ANT+ / Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Do you think there is a way to make this setup work, or is there some kind of inexpensive workaround?

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)


Yes, that works.

The Kickr will only send 1 BLE with Power, Cadence and Controllable.
The HRM will use the other BLE connection.
The Climb is controlled by the Kickr, not by the ATV.

I don’t know of any issues with Companion App on Android, I’m using it myself on a old, cheap Android Smartphone and had never issues with it.


Hey Ben, this is great news, thank you!

I didn’t know that the Climb has only to be paired with the Kickr, so this basically already solves the potential channel issue.

And if his Android device works flawlessly with the Companion App like in your case, we are ready to ride!

Thanks a lot for your help =)


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Even if his Android has some troubles, you don’t really need it to ride on Zwift.

I rode recently several times without companion app cause of the connection issues with germany. I have VPN only on my PC.

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