Wahoo Kickr, Garmin Edge 1000, and Apple TV

I am new to Zwift and still on the 7 days trail.  I know that Apple TV is limited to two bluetooth devices.  I am wondering if I pair everything, Kickr, speed, cadence, and heart rate to the Garmin can I just pair the Garmin to Zwift and it will pull all the data through the Garmin as well as controlling the resistance of the Kickr?  I do plan to try this later I had to send my Garmin out for repairs and should get it back today.





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You cannot use a Garmin to bridge any signals to Zwift. You can use the Zwift Companion App to bridge additional Bluetooth devices to the AppleTV. You can also use CABLE to bridge ANT+ devices to the AppleTV>

I have this setup but using the Garmin Edge 1030 and Kickr Snap. I had the same question. I am going to test it out tonight and I will report back.


You CANNOT use a Garmin computer or watch to bridge connections to Zwift.

You would need some CABLE to bridge ANT+ or the Zwift Companion App to bridge Bluetooth.

I ended up using the CABLE ANT+ to BLE bridge it worked perfectly.  Took me while to figure out there was no android app to configure it… Once I figured that part out all was awesome!

I just got an Apple TV and NPE CABLE since I’ve been running ANT+ sensors and a Wahoo Snap trainer, so needed a bridge due to the limited BT connections as folks have pointed out.   I had a ■■■■ of time getting my sensors to pair with CABLE…It kept turning off, etc, etc.   Finally got things paired, but when I launch Zwift I cannot select CABLE for CONTROLLABLE.   I’ve attached a photo showing my pairing screen.  Is this correct?  Were you able to select CABLE as the device for both POWER SOURCE and CONTROLLABLE?   Seems to work the way I have it and with 3 BT connections I do have enough for the remote control, CABLE, and the one for the Wahoo BT input as CONTROLLABLE.   The connections do seem fussy however.  Might be better to get BT sensors and use Zwift Companion as the bridge through iPhone???