ATV connection issues…

My set-up was working fine until a few weeks ago at which point it’s become a complete pain in the behind.
The set-up is:
Wahoo Kickr 2020
Kickr Climb (also have the direct connect dongle)
AppleTV 4k (non-ethernet)
Tickr Fit HRM (or Apple Watch)
Zwift Game controllers.

I was able to just switch everything on and it just worked.

Now I’m spending 20-30mins battling connections. If I try to just connect via bluetooth I hit the device limit when attempting to link the game controllers. If I then switch to ‘via phone’ I’m into a battle with Companion. It just won’t hold its connection to the Apple TV anymore. I’m also then unable to get cadence (via the Kickr) to show up and connection to the Tickr Fit fails completely.

If I do get everything talking, I can start a session only for it to just stop working.

It’s so mind bendingly infuriating.

I’ve dumped and reinstalled Zwift and Companion several times. The phone Only has companion and Zwift is on the AppleTV.

I could just stop using the game controllers, but having forked out for them - and the fact that they’re actually super useful - when they work - that it seems stupid to do that.

Also - I bought the Direct Connection dongle having seen on both DCRainmaker and GPLama that it should fix the bluetooth device limit - but that doesn’t seem to be the case, unless I’m missing something obvious.

I use a similar setup.
I have an Apple TV4K connected via ethernet, but have used wifi as well.
Kickr2020 via direct connect to my network/router.
I also use a Climb.
I had the Zwift Game Controllers (don’t use anymore, just not for me)
Garmin HRM

I connect the Kickr directly to Apple TV as power/resistance/cadence selecting the ethernet icon, not BT.
HRM via BT

The only issue that I have is that at times the default connection is BT, and I have to manually select the ethernet icon.

Hi @David_Spencer3 and @Peter_Hi

We’d like you to try again and report back if the pairing behavior is back to normal. We disabled the new pairing wizard feature and would like to know if that’s made a difference to people who’ve reported pairing issues on the Apple TV in the past 2 - 3 weeks.

I’ll be trying again this evening - yesterdays attempt was a failure again.

I’ve not seen the pairing wizard.

I have not seen the new pairing screen yet.