AppleTV issues with latest release (Kickr Climb, Garmin Vector3, bluetooth in general)

I tried the running yesterday and it was great today I jumped on for a ride and noticed some oddities with the latest release

I typically use Kickr and Climb for controllable but pull power off the garmin vector pedals. Today the following occurred

  1. Pedals would not read power via the AppleTV BT but would when I connected via the Companion App
  2. The Wahoo (2018) would control resistance but the Climb did not respond to gradient changes (with either the direct connection or through the companion).
  3. I could not get calibration to work with the kickr using either connection method.

For 1, you were able to see the vector pedals in the pairing screen right? Did they show power there?
2) For your climb try putting your trainer resistance to 100.
3. Have you tried calibrating in the Wahoo app?

I’ve given up trying to get the Wahoo KICKR and Climb to work in workout mode or group rides it simply doesn’t.
In SIM mode it works fine no issues but the other modes forget it.
It’s definitely a Zwift issues as BLT works fine with other apps.

For 1. I could see them and Pair but no power unless I was using the companion app.

For 2. Climb worked perfect before update and if I manually put it up or down and reset it would resettle at 0 grade but then no movement after that. I’ll reinstall the app and test again without trying to mess with the vectors and going back and forth between companion and native.

  1. I do / did but have not really seen issues in quite some time with doing it inside zwift.

I’ll make sure I can replicate these tomorrow. I did get the ride working using just the kickr for power / controllable trainer via the native BT just no climb commands.

Hey @TheCyclingCoop any updates on your Kickr Climb?