Need advise with Wahoo Kickrv5, AppleTV and Zwift

Hello Zwift(ers),

I’ve been Zwifting arround Watopia and what nots for the last year orso, addicting to say the least. Allways used a Wahoo Kickr v5. and an Ant+ dongle + laptop. Worked like a charm. However recently I tried using my AppleTv, it’s neat, quick and doesn’t feature me walking down with a heavy laptop from office to the garage everytime.

The setup is quick, easy and at first sight it’s straight on amazing. This is what an end-user like me wants.
However having done a few rides i’ve noticed something; in some rides my resistance is all messed up. It’s like it switches from ERG to sim mode but not entirely. Sometimes I think the gradient is vice versa…

For instance; I cycle trough london and it’s all dandy. Going up the mountain is a pain like allways, allthough the gears / cadence somehow feel off for what I am used to… but once getting on the top of the mountain, even my lowest gear gives more resistance than my gear that I went uphill with…

I tried re-doing the connections even recalibrating… and yeah sometimes this works! but sometimes it don’t… it feels a bit random tbh…

Any advice? I would hate to be having to switch back to my laptop.

Ride on!

take a look at this thread:

it’s possible you need to roll your firmware back on your kickr.