Newest Kickr Power Issue

Ok folks I’m hoping I can get some help here. For a few weeks now, I’m having issues with my Kickr transmitting power to Zwift at the pairing screen (AppleTV)The Kickr and Tickr are immediately found but when I start pedaling there’s no resistance and no power. Sometimes power will show but it wrong or willl spike and slowly drop to zero no matter how hard I pedal. Seems the only workaround is to go into the Wahoo app and forget the Kickr and re-pair. I don’t what’s happened as before the Kickr, HRM and Climb would all pair right up and away I’d go. If I go into a ride with power and cadence not being picked up at the pairing screen my avatar will just sit there no matter my pedaling

Interestingly, at the login screen it freezes just for a second or two before the white cursor starts blinking again.I don’t recall this ever happening before.

Any ideas what’s happened? All devices are running the most current respective softwares.

Unpair from all other apps/phone/etc. You should connect only to Zwift.