No Watts - Kickr Core

First time this has happened to me. Power source and Kickr Core show paired. No watts appearing on screen. Can’t ride today :(. Plz help!!

I am able to connect the Kickr to the wahoo app just fine. When I calibrate on Zwift the blue LED light stays solid. Just seems like there’s some connection issues with the app

worked before the 03. december update?

Yes. Have over 19hrs on Zwift with everything working just fine

Does the Core pair to the Wahoo app (like to perform a spindown, etc)? If not then it might be an issue with the Core itself rather than Zwift.

I had a Core and used it with no issues for ~2 weeks. Then one day began experiencing the same as you. Did troubleshooting with help of Wahoo support staff and determined the unit was bad. They shipped a replacement.

Brian, just curious where you ended up on this ? My brand-new Kickr Core just started exhibiting the same problem. No power readings when connected to Apple TV 4K. And also no power readings from Wahoo app (was careful to make sure that only one device in the house is attempting to pair)

I ended up talking to wahoo support and they said more than likely the optical sensor is bad. They needed proof of purchase and I was told they would send a new one. Warranty hasn’t sent me an email yet saying shipped so just waiting.

Brian, thanks for the quick reply. Bummer. For both of us. Hopefully swapping out the optical sensor is easy.

I’m on my third kickr now. The first two kickr cores had the optical sensor go bad within a week and a half on both of them. I now have the 2018 smart trainer we’ll see how that one goes. I’ve only ridden that one for about 10 minutes, but I can already feel it has a vibration when spinning down