Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

So here is my scenario. Bought a Wahoo Kickr Core and set it all up and was able to get it connect to my Android phone (Pixel 2) as well as able to do a spinup and use it on Zwift for a brief moment. Though, I wasn’t able to update the firmware from my Android phone. So, it was late decided I would wait til tomorrow (Now today) and tinker with the firmware update and maybe get in a quick training ride.

Fast forward to this evening where I got home decided I was going to jump on the Wahoo Kickr Core and get in my training ride before messing with the firmware update. So I fired up Zwift on my Apple TV and it found my Wahoo Kickr Core immediately. Started pedaling and notice that Zwift wasn’t showing any power reading from the Kickr Core. Decided turn off Zwift and fire up the Wahoo Fitness app and see if it was just with Zwift that couldn’t read the power. Well, that couldn’t read it either, so I started to look up if there was any troubleshooting videos or info on the web about my situation.

I was only able to find one YouTube video from a guy who was having almost a similar problem. He upgraded the firmware and everything was good. So I had to grab my sons ONLY iPhone in our household and updated the firmware. Well after doing that I still get no power reading from the Wahoo Kickr Core, is it faulty or am I missing something. Any help would be much appreciated, I will be calling Wahoo tomorrow and see what they say.

Try deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that makes any difference

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Hey @Jaime_Salas any updates? Were you still not seeing power readings from the Wahoo app? Or just Zwift? Reinstalling Zwift may help as well.

I have the same exact scenario. Tried everything – multiple computers, multiple iphones shutting down everything in the house that could possibly interfere, re installed software -did the firmware update – everything pairs (ANT+ and Bluetooth – still nothing - stuck on the side of the road,
both zwift app and wahoo fitness app not getting poweror speed signal . Put in a help request at Wahoo – very slow to get back and when they do I get one email response and I immediately reply and have to wail a few days for them to get back to me. Thing is my 30 day return window is closing . I am hoping they take it back, send a new one and pay for the shipping - Will update with their response.

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Got exactly one ride in with the new kickr before everything went sideways

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They came thru and will be replacing the item at no cost to me. So far so good.

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Sorry guys, forgot to update this forum… so yes spoke with customer service, and explained my issue. They stated that they have had some faulty power boards go out before. So they ship you out a new one and you send back the bad one. Nice part about it, they new one came in less than a week. Good customer service, Jo hassle from them, just replaced it after a few tests.

The other nice thing is, when they send you out a new one. They test it, to make sure everything is working before they send it out to you. Though you think that would be done I the QA department. But all has been good since my new one came.

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Did they pay to have to faulty one shipped back?
They sent me a label for FedEx with “BILL SENDER” on it. Called FedEx and they said I would be responsible for the $75-$100 in shipping cost to send their defective unit back. Hoping it was a mistake.

Same situation. Kickr core “connects” to Wahoo Fitness, Wahoo Utility, and Zwift. But no power or speed readings. Tried two iPhones, i-dad, and MS Surface with Ant+. We have returned two machines and the third worked for 1 session then would not restart. Plans to spend some time talking with Tech Support, but the return window for the machine is over in a couple of weeks. Love the machine when it works.

I didn’t open mine up for 3 weeks (colder weather) and thought my return window was closing. Wahoo reassured me the window would not matter if it was a warranty issue and included a label (postage paid) to return the old kickr. I’ve since received the replacement – only two rides in. Will repost if issue resurfaces. — Save your box if you bought a kickr core.

I’ve had the same issue. Everything worked great for about 10 days then I couldn’t get any power or speed readings. Tried all the troubleshooting steps and none worked. Contacted support and they’ve been great. They say it’s a know hardware issue impacting a small number of units. They’re sending me a new one and have provided a mailing label. They said I can send the old one back in the box that the new one arrives in. Other than losing some days on Zwift, I’m happy with their service.

Hello. My two cents are the same as above.

Had three great rides on my new Kickr Core, then, the speed/power dropped. I tried all steps at:


“I’m having issues receiving speed or power readings”

(that is: disconnect BlueTooth, etc) But, nothing. Instead of a smart trainer, I have a flywheel on a belt. Very sad.

So, I put my request in, and waiting for advice/replacement.

Just jumping on the bandwagon here. I received my Wahoo Kickr Core on Tuesday. I had my first ride yesterday and everything was great. Today, everything started great and 10 minutes into the ride the power went to 0 and I was stuck on the side of the road. I started to search around online and found this threat. Glad to see that Wahoo has taken care of the issue for other people who have had this problem. I submitted a support ticket. I hope I don’t have to wait too long.

Hum. I’m having the same problem with my kickr core. I did about 5 rides and then today the power dropped out. I’ve tried updating firmware, tried the wahoo app. I guess I’ll contact the company and see if it’s faulty FW. I’m bummed, I love the machine but it’s been a bit flakey.

Same issue with my Kickr Core. Loved the machine and worked perfectly for the first 3 rides. Yesterday nothing. I did try pairing a Bluetooth heart rate strap for the first time, but that has to be coincidence??? No power no speed on any apps after installing/reinstalling and also tried the Wahoo Fitness App and still nothing. I called Wahoo technical support. Got through within 5 min and they think it might be the optical sensor. My local bike shop has had 4 of these returned already so debating whether to return and get another brand or try warranty. They only have one vendor in Canada who supports warranties. Will see what they can do and then decide.

Me too. One ride, then it failed. According to my support call it takes a few fays to process and send replacement. Really bad product quality. Too bad I didn’t know about this before dropping that much money. Maybe they should burn in units before shipping

So I called my local bike shop where I bought it. They replaced it with a second Core from inventory. Same problem, connects but no power or speed. My bike shop will replace it with a Kickr 2018 or a CycleOps at a discount.

Really a shame about the quality as it seems like a great product.

I got a Kickr Core months ago, had this problem, too. Couldn’t update the firmware using my Pixel 2. They sent out a new one, which was great, and I mailed back the old one using a shipping label they sent me.

The new one worked well for a couple of months. But tonight? Same problem as before. This time I tried updating the firmware using an old Samsung S6 I had lying around. 'Worked!! Yea!

But, the Core still does not transmit power or speed, either using Bluetooth or ANT. Meh. So I’ve submitted another ticket. 'Guess I get no workout tonight!

But it’s good to know I’m not alone… and that it’s not just some bad mojo in my workshop where I’ve got things set up.


Hey @Ray_Cook can you all include your log files in your support ticket? This will help us pinpoint exactly where these drops may be occurring within the system.

Just opened my replacement Core tonight after the first one worked for one workout, then the next day I couldn’t get power or speed readings. The new one tonight never read power or speed on any of my apps. I updated the firmware before starting a ride. Will contact Wahoo to get a 2nd replacement, but after reading this forum string there must be a massive problem with this optic sensor!

I’m not sure what you mean by my log files. I just submitted the support ticket and haven’t heard anything back yet from them.

I don’t think this is a Zwift problem because the Wahoo Utility app also doesn’t pick up any speed or power readings from the connected Kickr Core.