Wahoo Kicker connected via Bluetooth, but no Power and No Movement of rider

Hi- On Zwift, I have a Wahoo Kicker smart trainer that has been working but not in last week. Bluetooth connects. Cadence works and heart rate works. I’m connected but my power does not read and my rider does not move. I can’t even do a spin down because the mph does not read. Please help. Not sure what happened as this setup used to work great. thanks Scott

Hi @Scott_Duke, welcome to the forums.

With your Zwift app off, and power cycle your Kickr (leave off for 30secs then plug back in). Then try a spin-down on Wahoo app (don’t use Zwift for your spindown). Force close Wahoo app to ensure it’s not grabbing a signal from the Kickr then fire up your Zwift app. Then in the pairing screen, remove Kickr from paired devices and let Zwift rediscover them.

FWIW, with the release of the urgent update in pst few days to fix ERG/resistance problems, I can no longer use Bluetooth but I’m fine with that as I prefer ANT+ (and I didn’t try to troubleshoot the BT issue).

Thanks for the reply. So, I do not see how to do a spin down on Wahoo. I tried doing that on Zwift, but it is not reading speed or power. Same on Wahoo app, not reading mph or power. App is connected but no reading of those two sensors. I have a second bike on a Kickr Core and everything there works great. I’ve shut down all competing items and still nothing from speed and power.

You likely have a more recent Kickr that self-calibrates in which csae you shouldn’t really need to do a spindown however you can still do a factory spindown in the Wahoo app - checkout this article:

The fact that Wahoo app isn’t reading any power suggests that it’s a Kickr problem and not Zwift.

What are the LED’s doing on your Kickr?

yep I agree that it is a Kicker issue, not Zwift. I have referred to the Wahoo website and have sent them an email too. LED lights are solid and connection is made. I even went old school and went ANT+ on a laptop to connect and Speed and Power still not connecting. Luckily I still have receipt! Thanks for the help.

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