Kickr Trainer connected, but no power output?

I’ve had a few occasions where I have connected my wahoo kickr core to zwift and it says connected, but not getting any power output. It’s very spotty. Any thoughts, ideas? I’m on bluetooth to an Apple TV 4K.


Oh no, sorry to hear Zwift is giving you some trouble Brad! For starters have you tried out our BLE troubleshooting guide?

Additionally, you can try our Kickr setup guide as well.

If your issue still persists, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!

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Hey Brad, I am having the same issue. I just bought my Wahoo Kickr Core and I set it all up and it wont read my power at all. I’ve tried it on the Wahoo Fitness App and it doesn’t read my power, and Zwift doesn’t read it either. Though, Zwift and the Wahoo Fitness app both can see the Wahoo Kickr Core. Were you able to get this resolved?

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I was. I think I had my wahoo kicker paired up to my ipad which was causing conflicts with the apple tv. Unpairing from the ipad and making sure that the kickr had one source paired worked for me.

I’m having the same trouble. I got a brand new Kickr Core, rode perfectly well with it for 1 week, and suddenly, I lost Power and Speed reading, both on Zwift and on the Wahoo App. FWIW, Wahoo support couldn’t help me on that, albeit trying everything to solve it, so I’m returning my trainer for warranty!


Had the same issue see this thread. Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power. They seem ol with replacing the unit, but they sent me a label for FedEx with postage due --$75. Responded to customer service, hope it was a mistake. I will update the tread above with their response.

Thanks for the post. My Kickr Core lasted 3 rides. Took it back to the local bike shop where I bought it and Wahoo gave me another which also lasted 3 rides. I’ve since been going crazy trying different devices and turning things on and off. This is the first forum that I have found that discuss this issue.

They replaced mine at no cost and they paid postage. Only two rides in, will keep updating if I have any more issues.

Same issue here. My Kickr Snap stopped showing any power. I bought a brand new Kickr Core and had the same problem after two weeks. I exchanged for another Kickr Core and I couldnt even get one ride out of it. What is going on? Wahoo has not been able to resolve this issue. Has anyone figured out why this is happening?

Hi Jeffrey,

Is your new Kickr still working fine?

Add me on list of Kiickr 18… connectin without power… will be replace but… if this happen again, nswitch to Neo, Wahoo shoul make a public statement because too many hardcore user are affect by this issue!

Add me to the list too…grrr. Bought a Kickr Core and on initial setup it connected to bluetooth, but no speed or power. Returned it to the bikeshop, got another…tested it and was able to connect to the app with speed and power (Yeah!), but when I came back to do a workout…no speed or power again. Looks like I’ll be returning it for good.

Add me to the list. (3/1/2019)
Bike shop received Kickr directly from Wahoo this week. Power eventually will get up to 54 while my 4iiii meter shows 250. When in a training session with Ergo mode it eventually reaches 134 and stays pegged regardless of how fast or hard I’m pedaling unless I stop pedaling then it will go down. 4iiii reads 500 and the power output from Kickr reads 134.


I have the same issue, my Wahoo K is connected to Zwift however, when I start pedalling no power is registered

Me too. Been working for a couple months and then suddenly not working.

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Well, those 2018 Kickrs and K-Cores are quite infamous for their failures. Vibrations, clicking and “No power at all”- (last one is more typical for Cores, whereas quite rare for Kickrs, as far as I know). I owned Kickr18 with vibrations and squealing which I returned to the supplier.

But the problem you described in your post doesn’t sound familiar to me - actually I have never heard of it. Is there any other progress in “your story” - I mean have you been able to fix/solve it?

Great :+1:t4:
Another troll on a forum.
Nice name, G omother Fox-Neo2.

If anyone else wants more info, PM me for power comparisons I’ve made by syncing 4iiii precision to bolt and KICKR to TR.

Happy to oblige,

Hi Joseph … not sure why do you think I’m troll ? :wink:

If you check this forum (thread about Kickr 2018 problems) you can find my comments about my “Kickr story”. Moreover, you can check trainerroad or cyclechat forums for my posts (look for my alternate nick “Twitko” there) about the same subject.

Long story short - I bought my K18 last year in October and was able to use it just for one month without any problem. Then infamous problems began - vibrations, drone sound, clicking sound … after another two months trainer became almost unusable at all and I was lucky to be able to return it and got refund. Then switched to Neo2. That’s all …

But again - I have never seen problems you described above (which doesn’t mean you don’t tell the truth). It’s just new to me. That’s why I’m interested in what’s happened exactly … where the problems was/is (if you were able to identify) and how you solved it … just out of curiosity …

btw - my nick is “Godmother Fox”, not “Gomother” :slight_smile: but never mind … :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, my Wahoo K is connected to Zwift however, when I start pedalling no power is registered

Hi @Taher_Alsayegh, welcome to the forums. Please give us a bit more info to try and help. How are you connecting to zwift (bluetooth or ant+), what devices do you use, etc… See this post for more information we will need to help troubleshoot your issues.


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