Kickr Trainer connected, but no power output?

Same issue here! I bought direct from kickr. I’ve been trying to reach ANYONE from customer service for a week now with one response which was a one sentence answer. Last week when I called they had their phone lines shut down. I’m worried I just burned $1200😩

See last posting by Mike. With more infos sharing is it possible to get help here.

Thank you! My issue is not related to Zwift. I am fully connected to Zwift through my Apple TV. I select my ride, but when I begin to bike there is no recognition that I’m riding. To see where the user was I turned off Zwift and selected a ride through the wahoo app. Nothing. It doesn’t see me ride there either. The issue has to be my wahoo core kickr. I have tried to get in touch with wahoo where I purchased and their customer service is non existent. I am assuming their need to replace the kickr unit or provide a replacement part…I have had my kickr for maybe 2 months and have about 600 miles on it.
Any ideas on how to trouble shoot without needing a replacement would be great. I have no other devices open-just Zwift through Apple TV. Zwift seems to be operating just fine…

Thanks! The problem isn’t Zwift. My kickr isn’t showing power out to Zwift or the wahoo app. I can’t recalibrate or anything as they don’t show me riding…no power or cadence reading going out to Zwift or wahoo app.

I had a problem recently with my kickr core and Wahoo support responded within 48 hours, after a few emails to confirm some info they sent me a shipping label and cross shipped me a replacement unit. Wahoo support was great.

Wow mike! What’s your secret?? I have had zero luck calling, emailing and a support ticket…

I just followed the process on their website, no secrets…

Update: I called them and got a person on the phone! So easy! Shipping out a replacement!


My wahoo kickr snap worked for couples months and now does not read power and speed….help!

Hi @J_FABIAN, welcome to the forums.

We will need more info about your system to help. What devices you use, how you connect to Zwift, etc…(a full rundown of your setup is preferred) also, follow the link I posted above to start a support ticket with Wahoo.

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I connect to Zwift using my computer. The connection between the wahoo kickr snap and Zwift comes from the ANT+. Everything was fine, but the Wahoo Kickr snap lost the optical tape or steaker that have. I put a reflective tape (video in youtube) and did not works.
I think I need a new optical tape or optical sensor, in addition, I do not know where to put it back.

Note: I followed all the videos around and all the guidance from ZWIFT, other forums, etc…google world…hahahah. But did not works