Kickr Core Workout Issue

Hello there,

This morning, I started to do a workout. Everything has gone well during the stepped warm up. But when the main session, which required 245 W, has started my Kickr Core has stopped applying the required resistance and stalled at low levels of power. Then, Zwift shut off the Erg mode and then reactivated it, but nothing has changed. Eventually, I had to quit the workout. Later on, I chose another workout, which had more stable power sessions. I rode just about 10 minutes and everything looked fine. I don’t think my Kickr Core is faulty, because it works perfectly in free rides and it operated fine in my second WO try. What do you think happened in that first workout? Am I missing something? (I’ve bought it last week, so I’m new to direct drive trainers).
I use an iPad and Bluetooth connection. I did a spindown using Wahoo app recently.

Could have just been a glitch in the matrix or most likely some signal interference. If it continues then maybe it is a larger issue?

Kickr have had some issues recently. Luckily mine none so far (let’s hope it lasts!)…

It’s a Zwift issue but Zwift doesn’t seem to give a … abt it. Maybe the fact they have a contract with Tacx for the world championship on Zwift, they forget Wahoo users.

I really don’t think Zwift is downgrading the experience with trainers based on brand, that would only hurt their business model. I suspect it is a signal interference issue and nothing to do with Wahoo vs Garmin vs Elite etc…

I just hope my Kickr Core is OK. Because I’ve ordered it from abroad, and it’s very difficult for me to refund it :frowning: