Kickr Core losing connection to Zwift

Hi There,

The last couple of rides (TDZ stage 5) I’ve found half way through the ride my kickr core suddenly loses connection to Zwift. I’ve tried switching the kickr off, unpairing to Zwift and reconnecting again but nothing seems to work. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

I’ve sent my ride data to Zwift so hoping they will be able to analyse and work out what’s causing it. My setup with my laptop conforms to their ‘best’ profile so no issues with processing graphics or out of date software or firmware.


Hi Steve,
Can you add some color around “looses connection to Zwift”? What exactly happens?

During a Zwift ride you can actually disconnect from WiFi and keep going so don’t think it’s WiFi. Is it your trainer connection!

When the problem starts the rpm and power numbers start to drop on the Zwift display. At the same time the resistance on my kickr goes down to zero. So it does seem to be an issue with the kickr talking to zwift. When I look in the settings panel it says my kickr is still connected but the numbers stay at zero if I start pedalling. I connect to my laptop using a ANT+ usb dongle which had been working fine since I got it about a year ago.

Hi @stev_tazzell

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What you can do is drop your log file into and see if your ANT+ connection is dropping.

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thanks Gerrie. I’ve attached what I can see, is this ok?

just realised I can zoom in, this one looks like there is some drop in communication. I think the big drop was when I unplugged my kickr.

For a week or so last year before my year-old Kickr Core failed completely it had occasional power drops while riding just like this, then recovered. When it finally crapped out completely the power dropped out and never came back. It was still connected to Zwift.

This is happening a lot with Saris trainers as well. No concrete answers on why and Zwift is not fixing the problem - yet… good lick to you

Thanks Cecil. So did you need a new trainer in the end?

Yes, a board was burned out, probably from static electricity as that was a known problem with the Kickr Cores at the time. I was a month past the end of the warranty, but when I called Wahoo Support to get a repair estimate, they replaced it for free - I was very happy about that!