Zwift , KickR, Windows 10 = KickR dropout after 50mins

(Andy Marr) #1

I have an issue where my KICKR drops out after approx 50mins of riding , its done it 3 times in row(everytime I’ve been on Zwift for more than 50mins). I’m not doing a workout just riding around. I can still all the devices but the KickR just reads 0 Watts in Zwift. Only a restart of the PC and the KickR seems to get it back.

I have a USB2 extension with my ANT+ dongle sat right next to the KickR, 

Just to be sure I’ve tested on Trainer Road and it shows all my devices as fluctuating between good and  excellent signal strength. I don’t start trainer road  before a Zwift ride and I don’t have Garmin Express installed or start the garmin ANT agent.

Does any one know if there is a program the logs the ANT+ data to a logfile , or if zwift does any logging or can be run in debug mode ?

I’m not sure which part of the chain is at fault , Zwift,KickR,ANT,Windows 10 ? Any advice would be great.

Thanks all.



(Bruce Donehoo) #2

When was the last date your Kickr and Zwift worked together?  Anything else hardware or software change on your computer since it last worked?  I ask because I had frequent Zwift app crashes since the New Years Watopia expansion and I found installing, downloading the lastest installer (from the “Free Trial” link) and installing resulted in a good session today (no crashes).

(Andy Marr) #3

Thanks Bruce , I’ll give the reinstall a try.