KickR power dropping out

(M .) #1

Hi, my KickR power disconnected several times today, since the upgrade. It would suddenly drop to 0 for a few seconds, the rider would stop, then the power would suddenly come back on - I’d be spinning throughout. It’s never happened before. It could be the KickR, but I did 6 laps and several times (not everytime) it happened in the middle of the King of The Mountains segment, it did happen a few times elsewhere on Zwift Island too.

(Mark Williams) #2

I suspect there’s an issue too. I rode yesterday with the update and I had to start Zwift a couple of times. The Kickr was detected at the pairing screen but when I got to the start line and started peddling nothing happened.

I’ve seen very rare situations where the Kickr was lost temporarily (twice in a month, both for about 10 seconds each) but yesterday I tried for a minute or two but the bike didn’t move when I peddled.

Restarting Zwift a couple of times did the trick. I never saw this before the update. By the way, I did an hour long ride once it worked and I had no issues during the ride itself.

(Mark Williams) #3

Just about to start up Zwift for an 1 1/2 hour ride as I watch the Seahawks reach the Superbowl so we’ll see what experience I have this time :slight_smile:

Seven hours? Yikes - the update has hardly been OUT that long! Impressive sir…

(Jon Mayfield) #4

I can say that we didn’t change any ANT+ device behavior in this update, and I suspect any chances you guys saw are either coincidental or due to a change in the environment around your KICKR/PC.

After the mac version comes out I’ll spend a bit of time on the device connections a bit and see if we can’t at least make the experience nicer if/when devices drop, and also try to give a hint on screen as to what happened (such as a signal strength meter).

(Mark Williams) #5

(Wished I hadn’t cursed the Seahawks, at least so far :)).

Had another strange event. I was sat on my bike and getting settled but no peddling. I looked down and was surprised to see my rider moving at a reasonable pace. I hadn’t peddled at all. It continued for about 20 seconds, at which time I quite the program. After restarting all was well through my ride (no dropouts)

So, to summarize…

Before the update: Never had a problem at startup over maybe 20-25 rides

After the update:
No response at all (peddling didn’t start the rider): Twice
Rider moves when I am not peddling: Once
Correct behavior: Twice

In all cases there have been no dropouts after I go started (the issues above were at the start line).


(Douglas Portz) #6

Not sure if this will help but…

Check the power cord where it plugs in to the power brick for your kickr. I have found that it can come loose and when it does the kickr can stop working occasionally.

(Brian Plouffe) #7

I also experienced this during my last two rides.

Power suddenly drops to 0 watts for a few seconds despite no change in my cadence/output, then resumes.

(Pedro Peralta WWR) #8

Hi, Zwift has been working ok until today.  I ride with a Wahoo Kickr, power was dropping regularly during my morning ride and this evening race.  I would drop and sometimes it would hit zero.  And yes I got dropped in the race, frustrating.

The weird thing is that it had been working just fine before.  Is there a bluetooth connection yet?