Continuous Power dropouts

Im continuously having issues with power dropouts on almost all my rides.The wattgage drops and I spin out only to later return to normal,usually on the next gradient change.Ive read a few threads on here and picked up that it may be something to do with a firmware update on the kick and I need to unpair the power and controllable unit and follow some protocal.
Does this many any sense and can someone kindly assist me please?
Much appreciated

Hi @Jaco_Karg6092 ,

There are quite a few things that can cause power drops, so making sure the firmware on your Kickr is a great first step, Take a look here for some steps to follow.

If that doesn’t do it for you, the next most likely culprit is the ever infamous wireless interference, we have some basic troubleshooting steps listed in this support article.

If you’re still having issues, go ahead and send support an email about it, and be sure to include the link to this forum. You can find our contact info here.

Can you tell us more about your setup? (Trainer, device/s running Zwift, device/s running Zwift Companion, etc.) Also, do you happen to use a wireless mesh network, if your running Zwift on a wireless device?

Hi thank you for the response.I run Zwift on my Samsung Android S22 wirelessly. Also on my laptop wirelessly. I can tell you that I have found the problem to re occur in exactly the same spot during rides on maps I ride, meaning on a course I will lose power on a certain section on every lap I do. I initially thought is was a glitch on the map but It happens randomly now on almost every ride.

At what point on which routes exactly?

On various routes.Watopia flats, Neon flats and London flats being the last 3 I can recall.

Two rides today (22nd June) and BTE dropouts. Using companion app to connect to Win 11 PC and newest version of Kickr. Win 11 latest updates, Latest Nvidia Drivers.
After first failure I rebooted PC and KICKR and APP and it connected again. The lights on the KICKR were solid prior to reboot and second ride, the zwift app on the PC just reported no signal.
Reason I mention it is I live in Spain and we are in the middle of a heatwave. Even with Air Con directed right at me and a fan for good measure the flywheel on the kickr gets really really hot, almost too hot to touch. On climbs I hit some reasonable power so for my next ride I am going to point another fan onto the flywheel. Cannot hurt I guess. This is the third time it has dropped BTE in about a week. Been solid before then. Rather annoying as unless I get up and ride outside at 5am it is too damn hot.

Hi @Simon_Buxton, Welcome to the Swift Community Forums!

I very much understand your plight, having had to workout during an extreme heatwave.

Based on the description of your setup, the very thing keeping you cool enough to workout is most likely also causing the connection dropouts you’re experiencing. Most fans are basically electromagnets with propellers on them and just like in the movies, electromagnetic waves will disrupt most wireless signals, and some electronic devices.

It’s hard to recommend removing the fans considering the heat you’re currently experiencing, but it may be worth trying them out in different positions. The big thing is to make sure that they aren’t between yourself and any of the wireless receivers that you are using such as your Wi-Fi router or device you’re using to Zwift on.

Cooling your flywheel directly will also help out a bit with resistance and help protect your equipment, but adding a fan can potentially cause more connection issues.

Please let us know if you’re able to get it working.

Thanks for the reply Terry. As per advice I moved the laptop and phone away from the air con, with a long hdmi cable from laptop to the screen in front of the bike. I also placed.a fan directly behind the kickr. Phone with the companion app now closer to the trainer which is directly cooled. Big fan on the left in front of me and the air con on. At the moment it seems good and am able to finish rides without bte drops. Alternating with outside rides but I normally have to be out the door by 7am. After 9am the heat and humidity are a killer.