Power drop Outs with Kickr/Zwift - New Firmware

Hi.  Anyone else having an issue with power drop outs after loading the new Wahoo Kickr SW?  The config in my fitness room has not changed in 2.5 years (Laptop, TV, placement of ANT+, no microwave, etc, etc) and now after loading the new SW from Wahoo and riding on Zwift, I get power drop outs while ripping around on the course.  Power will go from say 240, to 80 to 0 then kick back in for now apparent reason and mostly on an incline.  These issues are only after loading the new SW as it has worked 100% over the last 90 days and some 4K on the same setup.

Hi Ron.

I assume your battery is good.  I also assume you are logging into the ant+ FE-C Wahoo instead of the other one.  

You could try and re update your firmware and going back to the one you left.  Using your phone.  Iphone, log into wahoo fitness.  Select training like you would for a spindown.  tap the icon on top left 5 times.  This will bring up firmware update or advance spin down.  Android phone?  same thing, but tap icon 10 times.  Select earlier firmware and try that.  I did not notice any firmware update last night when i checked.

Thx…I got a hold of Wahoo tech support and it was noted that I did not repair the Kickr using the FE-C ANT+ option once I had done the firmware update.  So, once I repaired the Kickr with the updated protocol, I was able to ride tonight with no power drops.  Also, I extended the ANT+ dongle with a USB extender cable to get the dongle away the lap top and closer to the Kickr.  All good now.  Ride on!

Chris, when you ask if the battery is good, do you mean the laptop battery? I’m having persistent drop outs that I can’t seem to get rid of. I haven’t tried making sure the laptop is fully charged yet as I didn’t realise that could cause issues.

Battery in your cadence sensor is what I meant.  Heart rate monitor as well.  I only say that as I use a cadence sensor to tell zwift how fast I am pedaling.  If it is low, computer will think you stopped riding if it loses signal.  As far as laptop battery, I would just keep it plugged into the wall.  

Battery was not the issue.  The issue was as a result of the released to the new firmware for the Wahoo Kickr that now uses the FE-C ANT+ protocol to control the Kickr.  You need to un pair the power and controllable unit and then select the FE-C ANT+ option.

My HRM and cadence sensors are less than a year and about 1250 miles old. How long do they last? I don’t seem to have any issues outdoors.

I have a kickr snap. I assumed its that that’s determining my Zwift speed