Constant power drop outs

(Jane Sales) #1

When I’m riding, my wattage varies all over the place, frequently dropping to zero. Just after it has dropped, it surges high, way higher than I am actually putting out. Makes it impossible to hit segments in my workout or know if I have my true FTP. I have a video where I am riding at constant cadence and incline with constant HR, and the power varies from 0 to 300.

My setup is a Mac book pro, original KICKR, wahoo HRM. All connecting over Bluetooth. Sometimes I run the companion app, makes no difference to the result. I run a separate cycling workout on my Apple Watch to make sure I get credit.

Things I’ve tried:

Updated KICKR firmware.

Spin down calibration.

Advanced spin down calibration.

Running in wahoo app, then unpairing and killing wahoo app.

Cycling without HRM.

Cycling without companion app.

Any ideas? I’ll have to give up on Zwift if I can’t fix this.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Jane, sorry Zwift hasn’t been working out for you! Can you send us a support conversation along with your log files for a session where you had those issues? That will help us determine where the dropouts occurred and how.

Support Conversation:
How to find log files: