Wahoo Kcikr Power Dropout

I have not seen anyone post about this in a long time but I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr.  My first few sessions worked like gangbusters however, the last couple rides I have been getting random power dropouts.  I do have a video of this issue if needed. It really seems to be random as I can almost do an entire lap just fine then one lap will have several dropouts.

My setup is a Surface pro 3, Suunto Movestick with USB extension right next to the trainer, Wahoo Kickr and Tickr with current firmware. 

I have referred to other posts (that’s why I now have a USB extension) but I don’t believe many are having the issue I am currently.

Thank you.

Hi Aaron,

Please submit a support ticket and include the log.txt file of the affected rides. You can find the files in Documents > Zwift > Logs.



Had exactly the same problem today I also have a Kickr, not the end of the world but it would be better if it did not drop out.