Kickr keeps losing signal

Hi Jeremy,

Please submit a support ticket so we can better help you. Some additional information would also be helpful (such as your DxDiag file, if you are using a USB extension cable, etc…).


Yes sorry I actually didn’t mean to post this I was trying to use the search bar to see if this problem already existed with another user. I have already submitted a actual request ticket number #10283. But was just continuing to read up on here to see like I said if anyone else has this issue. I’m using a Sunto Ant+ stick with a wahoo kickr both these work perfectly fine outside of Zwift then for some reason while riding Zwift the kickr continues to drop signal goes to 0 watts and puts me in the pause menu. Then a few seconds later signal picks up and I ride a little then it happens again. Pretty much continually till I just shut everything down when frustration sets in lol. Thanks for the feedback.