KICKR connection intermittent

When I start riding in Zwift, my Wahoo KICKR power sensor works for about 10 seconds, then Zwift loses the signal. I coast to a stop in the game, and the pause menu comes up. I haven’t stopped pedaling this whole time. Eventually, the signal will come back, and go away again. Is this a problem with the KICKR, or with Zwift?



I had this problem with my Kickr using other programs. Looked it up on Google and found a simple fix was to buy a USB extension cable so that you can place your ANT+ sensor under the flywheel of your Kickr. Hope this works for you.

@Christopher, I am having the same issue. It works flawlessly with TrainerRoad but having issues on Zwift…

I found a solution to the problem by simply moving the ANT+ stick closer to the trainer. Hope this solves the issue for everyone else as well!

I was having this problem prior to Zwift with my Kickr. They ended up having me send them some data files from TrainerRoad showing the drops and sent me a new sensor. My old sensor couldn’t even complete the spindown tests. It’s all good now. I also did buy an extension cable for the ANT+ just to be on the safe side. It now has the sensor right below the plug in on the Kickr. I have only had two control issues since sensor replacement while using Zwift. The fix for those two times for me was stopping game play (I was about 1.6miles in when I could see it wasn’t changing resistance), exited Zwift and then relaunched after 30 seconds or so. Everything sync’d up just fine at the start and for the next 30 miles on both rides. The most recent ride was today 1/5/15.

I fixed my problem by using an extension cable as well. I think the cause was that I originally had two USB sticks - one for wireless keyboard and one for ANT+ next to each other. They probably operate on the same frequency and were interfering with each other. Ever since I put the ANT+ stick into extension cable and close to my KICKR/cadence sensor I haven’t had a single drop.

What usb ANT stick do you have? I had the Suunto initially and had all sorts of issues. Finally replaced it with the Garmin yesterday and it’s been perfect so far.