Ant + / sensor issues

I know many people have reported issues with Zwift not picking up the signal from the speed / cadence sensor. I had the same issue in my last ride. So much so, that the connection was lost on average about once every minute. I know that getting a USB extension cable might solve this (even if this was the first time it happened to me and I did not loose connection on other rides). However, the fact that so many people seem to have the same issue leads me to believe that this is an issue with the software that must be addressed.

I used to have this problem. There were 2 sources. The first, you mentioned already, was the distance between the Ant+ dongle and my Kickr. Solved by getting a USB extension, and positioning the dongle directly beneath the trainer. Second was launching/running other apps such as Strava or Wahoo during my Zwift ride. They would take over control of the Kickr giving the impression Zwift was cutting out.

I am having an issue with it picking up my inRide heart rate monitor…but I have a suspension it’s the HRM not the game that is the issue.

I was having the same issue this morning. It was cutting out on my HRM, cadence sensor and KICKR. Everything worked perfectly fine Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Setup has not changed, everything is in the same location, but after getting an update this morning everything started cutting out. I have no other apps running that could be taking priority.

Hi all
My problem is loosing connection from power meter stage … working and in one sek dropped all flat no power no cadence ( all in one ) … no problem with my power meter working fine with garmin.
from yesterday


Same thing happens to me this morning. all sensor went frantic, passing from 400W to 0W. the HR was dropping to 0 from time to time.the only one that was working fine was the cadence sensor. the spot and setup are always in the same place. very strange.