Sensor Problems Today

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #1

My setup hasn’t changed but I had a lot of sensor issues today. To begin with, when I started my ride I got about 10 pedal strokes in and Zwift dropped all my sensors completely. I ended up having to exit the game and restart to get them back. After the restart, Zwift continued to have problems staying connected with my HR strap. I had my ANT+ dongle on an extension cable, same as usual and I ended up moving it to the top of my stem so, line of site, the dongle was maybe 14" from the strap face. I tried two different straps, both of which are known good, and that didn’t affect it either. Zwift would see HR, then drop for a few seconds, get it back, so forth and so on. The drops would get longer and longer until it just didn’t see it at all. I could open up the sensor window, search, pair, and wait until HR showed up there, go back to the game, and the cycle would start again. This hasn’t happened before and nothing in my setup has changed.