HR Monitors (straps) dropping connection in Bluetooth and ANT+

My HR monitors (straps) keep dropping to zero several times on a ride. Everything else stays connected. I tried using the ANT+ HR monitor on a PC, the Bluetooth HR Monitor on a PC and the Bluetooth HR monitor on an iPad, it keeps dropping whatever I do. Is this an inherent flaw in Zwift or are my two HR monitors faulty?

same for mine as well. im using the wahoo tickr. it connects to zwift at the connection page with the trainer but then drops to no signal. then i tried to connect it to the wahoo app on the phone and it works fine.

trainer also drops power halfway thru the ride which wasted my session.

everything connected seamlessy till a few days ago… fustrating

I too was having the issue… however. … I used my older Tickr and HR was spot on.

Look at diabling your 2.4GHz wiFi and switch to 5GHz. If ou can’t switch to 2.4GHZ but only use channels 1-6 nothing higher.