Can't seem to pair HR monitor

Hi all!

Somewhat new zwifter (~400mi) – but loving it so much. I coerced my wife into buying a Tacx Flow Smart trainer (which I promptly stole), and have been enjoying the Tour de Watopia and some FTP training. I’m an engineer, and thus a HUUUGE numbers guy. I borrowed a PowerTap PowerCal from a friend and tried to connect my trainer (cadence / power) and the HR monitor. The pairing was successful but there’s very clearly issues with the connection. It almost looks as if the HR display is waffling between the HR and the power signals. I use the zwift app on my Android S10, but wasn’t sure if this was an Android Zwift Beta question or just a general BTE question. I don’t have any other BTE devices paired on my phone and the problem persists.

I generally zwift with my phone displayed on my TV (via HDMI), and I love the setup.

Is this an issue with too many BTE connections on my phone, or something related to the android app? I’d really love to add HR to my workouts, so eager to hear if anyone has suggestions. Hoping there are more seasoned zwifters out there who can identify my issue and/or suggest a workaround ANY hrm.


Have you used a chest strap type heart rate monitor before? You need to moisten the sensor strips on the strap and depending on your skin type it may take a while for the numbers to be stable. The Android beta version has a bug related to the PowerCal but it only affects the power meter.

Hi FRiC – I suppose this is my first time with the chest strap hrm. I did “moisten” the straps before use and have tried it twice now. I have ordered a different HR monitor and plan to test / troubleshoot this issue further. I’ll try dipping the strips in the drink this next time before I get going, ha ha. Thank for the feedback!

My new HRM (tickr) worked out of the box as I’d expect in Zwift. I’m not sure what differences in the hardware between the two hrm’s would cause this, and I fiddled a bit with my bluetooth settings as well. Anyhow – case closed!