Lost Heart Rate Monitor

(Keith Studnick ztr-d) #1

Everything connected find when started, took a break to answer the doorbell and when I came back the cadence and power worked fine but it did not pair again with my heart rate strap (Garmin). Worked after I stoped the program and restarted.

(Jason K) #2

When you say it didn’t pair again, do you mean that Zwift didn’t automatically find it, or that it wouldn’t show up on the pairing screen when you searched for it?


(Keith Studnick ztr-d) #3

Jason - It happened again yesterday. I rode for an hour where everything was completely dialed in (even was in green again) and then went down stairs to refill my water and when I went back onto the bike, the hr readings stayed at like 59 beats per minute regardless of my effort. The cadence and speed seemed fine. I was tempted to end the ride and start a new one but didnt. I did stop the ride, repaired the hr monitor but nothing changed. I guess I cannot stop in the middle of a ride. Love the program and turned on a bunch of people as well.  Ride On!!

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

Hi Keith,  The HR monitor should re-pair itself when coming back into range.  What you are experiencing is something we only see when the battery gets low.  If you haven’t replaced your battery recently, could you try that? Let us know how it works :slight_smile:

Ride on.

(Keith Studnick ztr-d) #5

Ill try that but dont understand why it would be a battery issue when it never has a problem with any other software and works fine with yours till I take a break from the action for a few minutes.  Let you know tomorrow.  Thanks for the hint.

(Charlie Bankes) #6

Hi - I’m also having this issue with my Wahoo HR monitor. It pairs initially every time. However, when I’m riding it loses signal at random times.I can never get it to re connect mid ride. I have to stop and start a new ride again - which isn’t ideal. Is there anything I should be doing it re connect it to Zwift without having to finish my ride prematurely?