Wahoo Sensors/Feedback

Finally got my first real ride in with Zwift, awesome idea!! A couple of things I noticed.

  1. I have a Wahoo Tickr X HR Monitor, the software picks it up on search, but when I started riding my HR doesn’t show up.
  2. Zwift does not find my RPM cadence sensor, the virtual cadence is very deceiving at first, I thought the sensor was working until I dropped down to a lower cadence and looked at my Garmin.

Everything ran very smooth, frame rate, Kickr power transitions on the climbs, etc. A couple of suggestions:

  1. It was pretty difficult to hold a draft on an AI user. I was hitting it hard to catch them then overshooting by a long shot.
  2. Music options? Banjos by the log cabin were cool but maybe spotify/itunes playlist integration?

I am having the same problem as Jeremy regarding the cadence and HR monitor. I get a similar result with my Garmin monitor.

Zwift’s next release will support cadence-only sensors like RPM. I had the same question.

Hi Jeremy,

So your HR monitor shows up during the pairing screen but doesn’t display HR info during your ride at all?

And what kind of Garmin cadence sensors are you using? Is it the one that just attaches to the pedal? Or is it a combo cadence/speed sensor?

Gary is correct in that we do not support cadence-only sensors yet but it’s coming very soon (probably in the next update).

That is correct. I see it successfully pair but as soon as I start the ride no HR shows up.

I’m using all Wahoo sensors, Wahoo Tickr X HR monitor, Wahoo RPM for cadence (cadence only, no speed, attaches to the crank arm or shoe) and Wahoo Kickr Trainer.

Can you send in a support ticket with this info so we can get it into the system? You can either click on the link in the upper right or drop a line to support @ zwift.com


Looks like the sensor issues have been resolved through the magic of closing and re-opening the program. We’ll look into it further on our end but glad to hear you’re up and running!

I’m using a Wahoo ticker X and other than heart rate also using it as a bridging device between my garmin sensors and phone to pick up ant+   Other apps I use it works well but on Zwift I’m not sure if it’s working I’m getting heart rate and cadence but no speed. I’m not sure if it’s actual cadence or vertual off the wahoo. 

Does the bridge work with Zwift ?

I’m also using the wahoo ticker X heart rate monitor and the cadence sensor and my iOS devices and my Mac is not picking them up. Working with other Apps though.