Wahoo sensors

(Mark Williams) #1

Two rides in and loving Zwift so far, even in its infancy. I have a ton of feedback and suggestions but there is something I’d like to resolve asap. I have a Kickr with Wahoo heart monitor, Wahoo Cadence sensor and an ANT+ dongle on my Surface Pro 3. The Kickr itself is detected but the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor are not. They work fine through TrainerRoad.

Are these devices supported and, if so, do I need to do anything to get them working apart from asking Zwift to detect them when I launch the app?



(Jon Mayfield) #2

Are your Wahoo sensors bluetooth only? Zwift doesn’t read bluetooth sensors yet, so that could explain what you’re seeing.

(Mark Williams) #3

I believe they are both “dualband” ie. they support both ANT+ and Bluetooth. I am pretty sure when I first got them (back in January) I had them both working with some other software that used ANT+.

And here’s a weird thing. Even though Zwift provides no indication at all that it has detected either sensor (at the initial pairing dialog only my Kickr shows up, with no other device or sensor detectable), when I import my .fit files to Strava I see a complete cadence trace, though no heart rate info.

So, I’m pretty confused at this stage.

(Frederic Ranger) #4

same config here. Wahoo HR monitor works fine but Wahoo’s cadence-only RPM sensor is not recognized by Zwift. From a separate thread it looks like Zwift support for cadence only sensors isn’t released yet.