Wahoo cadence ......yes another one

I’ve tried searching for a resolution but couldn’t find one. Just lots of similar issues.
I have just bought a wahoo cadence sensor. I fitted it to the crank and Zwift picked it up immediately on firing up the app. Bingo! Unfortunately as others have reported the app under reads my cadence massively and I have had to resort to having my iPhone next to me with the wahoo app running to give me the correct cadence.
I wouldn’t mind but I’m doing a set workout requiring set RPM.
I am using a Wahoo Kickr 18, with an iPad. I use my Garmin Fenix 5 at the same time but haven’t manually connected that to the sensor. I use a wahoo chest strap which connects to my watch and Zwift with no problem.
Thanks in advance

I thought Wahoo Kickr 18 does not require a separate cadence sensor and can be connected as a cadence sensor?

Pretty much all modern smart trainers continuously read the torque which you apply to pedals. Torque is at maximum when your pedals are around 9 o’clock / 3 o’clock position (because it is the most convenient position to press down on a pedal) and at a minimum at 12 o’clock / 6 o’clock position (which is kind of a dead spot). Smart trainers, including your KICKR, can pick up these variations in force applied to the pedals very accurately, regardless of what gear you are in. And this is how they measure cadence. Sounds like magic, they do it without the need to know your gears combination! Works like magic, too.

Just connect your trainer as all three sensors required by Zwift and save Wahoo Cadence sensor for outdoor rides.

What you deal with is probably Bluetooth interference. If you were able to use ANT+, which seems to be more robust when it comes to multiple data connections running in parallel, you would be in a better shape. Unfortunately, portable devices rarely support ANT+, and certainly not Apple. Assuming that your watch also uses BT, you are running as many as four BT connections concurrently, all originating and ending in pretty much the same location. Wahoo warns their users against using two parallel BT connections on their newer HR monitors (which can support two BT and one ANT+ concurrently) as this may cause interferences and data losses, and you have four.

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Thanks Andrei for your reply.
The kickr has never shown cadence directly to Zwift but having said that I’ve never tried it on its own I just assumed it didn’t. Will have a crack.
Thanks again

Confirmed working. Updated firmware for the first time and it’s working just fine! Happy days and thanks again🤘