Wahoo Kikr Cadence Sensor Repeated Disconnects

Hi Team - I’ve recently started using Zwift, and my experience with the product has been negative thus far due to connectivity issues with the platform.

The current connectivity issue I am having stems from the Cadence sensor on my Wahoo Kikr disconnecting repeatedly during rides.The power and control aspect of the Wahoo Kikr continues to work; however, the cadence sensor stops which effectively makes it all useless. Restarting the application typically will get it working again for just long enough for it to disconnect in the middle of the ride again. This effectively makes the entire platform useless for me given that I can’t even finish a ride.

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What model KicKr do you have, see this test from DC Rainmaker. I think it is a trainer issue.

I don’t have a kickr.

I have the Wahoo KicKr V5, so I don’t think it is a trainer issue. It was released well after this article was written.

It also works fine with every other application.

some more info needed.

What do you use for Zwift how do you connect to the trainer.

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Another question, do you have a separate cadence sensor or are you only using the Kickr? The Kickr only estimates cadence, it doesn’t have an actual sensor. If it is continuously dropping the cadence then it would seem that you would also lose power/watts as well. Is that happening too?

Edit: I see you mentioned that you don’t lose power or control, only the cadence. Strange behavior!

You don’t need cadence to ride on Zwift or finish a ride, so this doesn’t matter. While it is annoying that it is not displayed on the screen, you don’t need it to move your avatar.

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Looking at your activities it seem like you also get power drops. It may be that you have something interfering with the connection.

Are your ANT+ dongle close to your trainer?

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Thanks for taking a deeper look. I’m using an all full Bluetooth set up, so the issue may just be having 4 connections via Bluetooth. I’m going to purchase an Ant+ sensor and split the connections to see if it’s a throughput issue.

ANT+ will only work on Windows and Mac

and android if its built in :wink:

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I have a wahoo kickr which operated fine with Zwift last winter. Correlations between grade, cadence, power, speed were fine and in sync with Zwift display. I set my bike back up on the kickr this week (reside in Canada). Both Zwift app and wahoo performed updates to their respective software/firmware. I performed a spindown on both the wahoo app (android) and zwift (windows 10). The first issue I notice is the bluetooth sync is unreliable; have to re-search for Kickr (power, cadence, control) and Tickr (heart rate). Then Kickr power and Tickr will pair, BUT display “No Signal”; this is a random affair that eventually sorts itself out to display watts and beats-per-min. Kickr cadence & control are even more finicky to pair; I persist and eventually make it to a ride. BUT, now there is no correlation between Zwift displayed grade and speed and Kickr torque. I can only conclude that either the Wahoo developers or the Zwift developers have introduced bugs between last March and October.

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Yeah I’ve been trying a combination of Ant+ and Bluetooth but the problems still persist. I have to disconnect and reconnect, and sometimes start the ride over to get things working properly.

It’s a great product when working, but it never really works as it’s supposed to flawlessly so maybe we will see a competitor come into the space and capitalize on the opportunity.

I’m getting dropouts of Cadence, Power, and even the HR stops at times.

All sensors are within a meter of each other and not in the line of sight of other interference. I believe this is just a scapegoat argument given that I don’t have any issues with my gear connecting with other programs.

I may take Wahoo up on their “SYSTM free for 14-day” offer to see whether problem is reproducible without Zwift in the picture.