Wahoo Cadence Sensor Disconnects When Not In Use

I’m new to using an indoor trainer, just started this week and it’s been amazing. I’m really loving Zwift!

The only issue I’ve had so far is the Wahoo Cadence Sensor seems to go to sleep when not in use. My current setup is Wahoo Kickr Core, Wahoo Cadence Sensor on the crank arm, Wahoo Tickr, Samsung S8+ running Zwift Companion using bluetooth to sync the sensors to my desktop. I got the Cadence Sensor and Tickr Sensor with my Elemnt Bolt maybe 6 months ago.

Pretty much every time I open Zwift, it takes maybe a full minute for the companion app to find the sensors, this isn’t so bad even though for some reason the Wahoo Utility app finds everything right away. Not a big deal there really. Main issue though is by the time I find the route I want to take I look at the companion app and the Cadence sensor is listed in the Companion app but has a mark next to it that it’s not reading data. This also happened today while I was doing my warm up ride. Everything was working fine and about 3 miles into my warmup my cat literally threw up right in front of my monitor on my desk… Leave Zwift open and running, get off the bike, clean up the barf, sanitize the desk, get back on the bike and everything is working but there’s no recognition from the Cadence sensor at all. Even after I start riding again where you’d think the cadence sensor would ‘wake up’ it still won’t recognize in the Companion App.

Again to be clear, the sensor is still listed in the sensors on the companion app, but it’s like it can’t read data from it anymore once it goes to sleep. I’d estimate it only takes 30 seconds, 60 seconds at the most for it to go to sleep.

The only fix is to completely close Zwift which disconnects the Companion App from the sensors (I don’t need to actually close the Companion App though, I just leave it running), restart Zwift, wait for the Companion App to find the sensors again, jump into my route and start going before the sensor goes to sleep again.

As long as I’m riding it works 100% of the ride, but if I have to stop for any reason then when I get back the sensor isn’t recognized anymore.

This doesn’t happen with my Elemnt Bolt, so I’m wondering if there is a missing function in the Companion App to keep the sensor awake 100% of the time while it’s connected.

I don’t use the Companion App for relaying sensors so I can’t speak to that experience.

With respect to the cadence sensor going to sleep, I believe that is a battery-saving feature built into the Wahoo cadence sensor firmware. We wake up our Wahoo cadence sensor by turning the crank backwards for five to ten seconds. That’s what it takes for it to pair to the PC via ANT+.

However, once Zwift on PC has paired with the cadence sensor via ANT+, it does remain paired for the duration of the Zwift session, even if the sensor goes to sleep during inactivity. Getting ready for a while, I’ll start Zwift, pair the sensors, then get ready otherwise. When I come back to start riding, the sensor is back to sleep, but as I pedal and it wakes up, the RPMs register on Zwift.

Hmmm I wonder if it’s something to do with the Bluetooth connection then which is what I’m using. The weird thing is that it stays connected to the Companion App, it doesn’t actually fully disconnect, but it stops transmitting data.

But like I said when it’s connected to my Elemnt Bolt head unit it stays connected the whole time and that defaults to Bluetooth too.

So today I got on Zwift to do the FTP Ramp Test, before I did that as a test I let the Cadence sensor disconnect and I pedaled for a bit and it didn’t come on, I went into the pairing screen and clicked on the sensor and it started to work for some reason. So I get back on, start the FTP test, as I’m warming up and getting everything ready I realize the Candence Sensor isn’t working again. This time it won’t come back on, I had to stop everything, exit Zwift, come back in and start the FTP test right away with the sensor connected and working before it went to sleep.

I don’t know what the deal is with this thing.

Bought a USB ANT+ adapter for my computer and it works perfectly. Something definitely wrong with Bluetooth connections

I have tested various trainers on the Android app (tacx neo, flux and elite drivo) and if you pair on the trainer as controllable then you have to use it for power and cadence as well, the other sensors will show up but not transmit data. I assume this is a big. I also have power pedals and if I use these for power and cadence it works as long as I don’t have anything connected to control the trainer.

On the PC version all combinations of controllable, power and sensors seems to work fine so must be a Bluetooth or Android bug.

First of all welcome to Android Beta forum. Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.

In reading through your posts, it seems this is not related to our Android Zwift App but but a bug with either ZC or our PC Zwift app.
I recommend you open a ticket with support@zwift.com, and be sure to include the details on the platform you are running Zwift on, as well as the ZC platform (which you have included here)
I am going to ask to support to move this post to the general area, vs Android Beta.
Thanks again for feedback.

Same Problem. Currently I use Apple TV, 2016 Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo HR Monitor, Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor on my crank arm and Zwift Companion. If I break for more than approx 30 seconds the connection between Zwift Companion and Zwift drops the cadence sensor with a orange hazard sign on the bluetooth indicator on Zwift Companion. This happens weather I use my new iPhone or my Android phone. It shows cadence on Zwift Companion however dropped the connection to the game and it shows no cadence in the game. I can re-sync it through the game but that rarely goes well and is a huge time suck. Only works some of the time. When I used a PC in the past I did not have this issued but moved on to Apple TV because it loaded faster and saved time. The obvious answer is don’t take a break and never let the cadence go to sleep. LOL Fine for short rides. Due to limited bluetooth connections im forced to use Zwift Companion if I want all my sensors in the game. Frustrated for a very long time over this issue.

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Just for the record I opened a ticket with tec support. Predominately canned response. No real solution. Although I love my Wahoo everything I’m going to have to try an array of cadence sensors in the hopes of finding one that does not get dropped when I take a break on the bike. I’m hoping I can still use the Zwift and Companion app to connect everything but maybe I’ll just have to:
A. go back to using a computer an ant+
B. Connect all through Apple TV and accept that I run out of connections and have to choose HR OR Cadence
C. Get a new smart trainer that has cadence built into it an use Apple TV with ZC connecting all sensors
D. Get a power meter on my crank arm that provides power and cadence an use Apple TV with ZC connecting all sensors

First I’m going to try some other Cadence sensors and see if there is one that is not as likely to fall asleep when I get off the bike for a few minutes.


I just bought the wahoo RPM and started seeing the same problem on my side

I am using Zwift on my pc and pairing my new RPM via bluetooth

I did the alpes yesterday and decided to quickly go get some more electrolytes while going down the mountain. It didn’t take 2 minutes and when I came back to cycle more, my cadence and speed sensor where not reporting any data to zwift anymore.

I had some issues before the ride getting my RPM to pair properly

This is not the first time I see this and I have only been using them for 5 days.

I will pair my RPM using my pc and my ant+ key and see if acts differently

Did someone get a reply from zwift?


As I mentioned in my above post I have a Wahoo cadence sensor and it drops out on Zwift mobile app every time I take a break, not only that it’s very slow to connect. I have two of them and they both do the same thing. I ruled out Bluetooth interference ages ago. So I tried a different cadence sensor from a different brand off of Amazon called XOSS and I can get off the bike for two hours come back and it still connected. And it never drops out. Something about how the wahoo cadence sensor goes in the energy saving mode or is not in use for a brief period of time conflicts with the Zwift mobile app. SOLUTION: get a different cadence sensor. Do not continue to fight the wahoo cadence sensor. Now I’m running Apple TV Zwift mobile app for connections wahoo heart rate monitor older kicker and an XOSS cadence sensor all through Zwift mobile app and no problems at all. Just for the record I tried using the mobile app with my iPhone and my android and had the same problem with the Wahoo cadence sensor. Check out my above post for more details.

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