Issues with Cadence Sensor

I’m hoping I can find a solution to a problem I’m having with my cadence sensor and Zwift. When I go to start my ride, Zwift finds all of my devices including my Wahoo cadence sensor and my Kickr. It shows everything as connected, but when I start my ride I have no data from the cadence sensor. I get full data from the Kickr, but when I’m actually in the ride no cadence data. I connect everything through a bluetooth connection to my laptop, but have verified that there are no Bluetooth dropouts. I can access, and get data from, the cadence sensor on the Wahoo app. What makes this evening more frustrating is that the lack of cadence sensor data is not consistent from day to day. Some days the data is in ride, some days no cadence data in ride at all. However, always consistent is that Zwift is showing the cadence sensor as connected on the start screen.

What trainer did you select? I selected “unknown roller” and had a similar outcome. If you select a different one you may get different results.

What Kickr do you have? Most of them have built in cadence now, maybe it is interfering with the other sensor?