In game Cadence not showing

(🚴� Tri Babe) #1

Hi Team
I have a question about cadence reading.
I had no cadence sensor on my bike on the Kickr. Cadence doesn’t show on Zwift but on Zwift Companion it does. It doesn’t however record the cadence anywhere. I have my connection to the Kickr set as by Bluetooth. If I changed this setting to connect through companion, will it show and record my cadence?

Tonight i popped a cadence sensor on my bike to see if Zwift would pick it up in that start up screen, but unfortunately it wont. I have managed to get my cadence on my watch, however its about 15-20 difference from the watch to companion…

Ultimately, I simply need to be able to see and have my cadence recorded, Im not that fussy how this happens Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can do this?

(Izzytdi) #2

I had the same thing today, no cadence on the computer but had it on the companion app. It happened for workout mode but after the workout summary I rode a bit more and the cadence worked again…

(🚴� Tri Babe) #3

The cadence has Never worked in game for me.
There must be a way to make it work… I just can’t work it out

(Paul Allen) #4

An external cadance sensor would be the best option.

(🚴� Tri Babe) #5

That’s what I have
My watch picks it up but zwift wobt