Cadence Sensor not showing in Zwift Companion

Hi All,

I’ve been having some issues with my numbers randomly dropping out. Sometimes it’s my power, sometimes it’s my HR, sometimes cadence. I have tried all sorts of different combinations, but I can’t seem to get through a ride with everything remaining stable. I have been using a USB ANT dongle in my PC to connect everything, but I also have my companion app open on my phone while I ride. My thinking right now is that maybe the combination of some Bluetooth and some ANT is throwing things off, so I removed the ANT dongle and tried linking my Kickr and cadence sensor through the bluetooth on my phone and then using that to connect to my PC. Both the Kickr and cadence sensor show up as paired devices in my phone’s bluetooth list, but when I open the Zwift Companion app only the Kickr shows up. I’ve read that Bluetooth can only pair to one thing at a time, so maybe that’s what is happening? Is my phone is choosing the Kickr and then it can’t connect to anything else?

If I don’t turn on my Zwift Companion app would it be more stable since everything could connect via ANT+ through the USB dongle?

Obviously if I’m using only Bluetooth, then my current HR strap won’t work.

Any insight or ideas are appreciated.

Below is my setup:

Kickr - 2016 model
Wahoo Cadence sensor
Garmin ANT+ only HR strap

Android phone - Galaxy S9
HP computer


Use Ant+ on your PC and turn off the bluetooth setting under Device Connection in the companion app.