Problem With Van Rysel Sensors

Hi All,

I am having problems with my sensors. I have Van Rysel (Decathlon) brand Cadence and HR sensors and a Thinkrider A1 Trainer with a built-in wattage (power) sensor.

I can pair all three with my Zwift on computer using directly the computer’s bluetooth. I can also pair them using Zwift Companion App as a bridge.

However, when I use the computer bluetooth directly, Zwift cannot read the cadence (it does see the cadence sensor and remain paired but reads as “no signal”).

When I use the bluetooth of my Huawei Mate 20 Lite phone through the Zwift Companion App, it reads the cadence but it reads the wattage as zero while remaining paired (resulting in my avatar not moving).

In sum, I cannot gather cadance data when I use my computer and I cannot gather wattage data when I use my phone from the very same sensors.

Had anyone experienced such an issue?

Hi @Ismet_Aykan_Akkayagi

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Did you go into the windows settings and checked that the sensors are not paired to the computer.

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks a lot.

Nope, they are not paired with my computer or phone. I have checked that.

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I have checked different combinations using a third party app (Jepster). It seems I cannot connect all three together. When I turn off HR sensor, the app can read cadence and power data. But then I cannot get HR data when I turn it on back.

Then, when I disconnect cadence, I can read HR data again.

Could bluetooth signals be overlapping? Or is there a maximum number of connections for bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a one to one connection, some Bluetooth transmitters and receivers has more than one radio so that they can talk to more than one device.

ANT+ can talk to multiple devices that is why that is the preferred method.

Luckily my sensors have ANT+ as well. Let me get a ANT dong and report the result then…

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If you get a ant+ dongle be sure to get a good usb extension aswell.

You don’t need cadence to use Zwift so you can pair HR and power and still use Zwift.

Hi Gerrie,

I just wanted to let you know that I have solved my issue. I did not buy ANT+ dongle as reliable ones are very expensive locally.

Instead, I have tried different combinations and I have found out that all three sensors work fineif I use Zwift Companion and pair them in the following order:

  1. Cadence sensor
  2. HR sensor
  3. Power sensor

This tactic works only using the companion app and following that exact order. It does not work with PC’s built in bluetooth or in other orders.

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