I'm sure this is common

(Michael Naylor) #1

I am using a standard trainer with my own power/cadence/speed meters whilst training on Zwift. I am using a Wahoo HRM too. The power meter and cad/speed all work fine, however, I cannot seem to get my HRM to connect at the same time.


In the past my Wahoo HRM has worked but my power/cad/speed did not - and vice versa!

Is there any reason that they will not work together? I have resorted to running my Garmin 810 just so I can monitor my HR whilst riding.

(Paul Allen) #2

Are you using a PC, Mac or iOS device?

(Michael Naylor) #3


(Paul Allen) #4

How far away is the Ant+ dongle? Are you “bridging” your power and speed/cadence using the ZML or are they Ant+?

The more info we have the better and faster we can assist in helping you resolve your issue.

(Michael Naylor) #5

what is the ZML?

I may have misinformed you. I use my phone to pick up the signal from my power meter/cad/speed sensor. I have an app called ‘Mobile link’.

At one time I have had my HRM linked up to Zwift on my display - but apparently this was at the cost of not having my power/cad/speed.

(Michael Naylor) #6

Now, I can’t get my HRM to display at all.

(Paul Allen) #7

ZML = Zwift Mobile Link.

Ok, so all of your devices are Bluetooth.

Make sure that the Wahoo HRM is not connected to any other devices/app using Bluetooth, the Garmin 810 should be ok since it is using the Ant+ signal. Bluetooth can only connect to one device/app at any given time, so if the Wahoo HRM is connected to something else it cannot connect to the ZML and transmit the signal to the PC.

(Michael Naylor) #8

Could this relate to me using my Wahoo HRM with Strava?

(Paul Allen) #9

Yes, like I said Bluetooth can only be connect to one app/device at a time.

(Michael Naylor) #10

O.k, great. Thank you!