Trouble connecting Tacx, Garmin and Tickr to Zwift

Hi all, I am a Zwift newbie and have had intermittent trouble connecting to Zwift. First of all, I will list the gear I am running:

Tacx Vortex smart trainer
Bike has Garmin speed / Cadence sensor attached like this:
Garmin watch, 735XT
Wahoo Tickr HRM
Laptop is a HP, INtel i7 core, not a bad laptop about 4 years old, not used for anything other than being hooked up to the TV!
All running through bluetooth, and all on when I am riding. Have also tried turning blue tooth off from the watch bit it doesnt really help.

Garmin watch connects to everything automatically (I assume even the Tacx as something connects and I assume its that).

Either all says “connected” but also “no signal” (the pic says the HRM is the only one with no signal, but often it is all of them exactly the same)
Sometimes it connects to all EXCEPT the HRM, but that is rare
Little man stays on side of the road when pedalling…
Or, on other occasions, he goes off, but HRM is not connected…
Can never get it all going at once!

Different setup to mine but symptoms looks & sounds very much like the exact same I had. Gave up on bluetooth & got a ANT+ dongle, not one avatar standing in the middle of the road ever again.


Hi @Duane_Keighran

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for all the info.

My first thought is wow you have a lot of bluetooth devices that is not needed. I would suggest turning all blutoorh devices off except your HR monitor and Tacx Vortex.

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