Garmin HRM-Dual will connect to everything other than Zwift

Hi, I’ve been having a pretty tough time getting HR data on Zwift. I’m using a Garmin HRM-Dual that came with a Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bundle. I’m hoping someone can help because Zwift CS keeps reiterating the same troubleshooting steps.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

(1) Verified the original issue was the battery was dead. Took out old battery, let module discharge (15min), put in new battery and verified it can connect to my Garmin Edge 520 biking computer (which it originally came with).

(2) Disconnected from Garmin Edge 520 and tried to pair with Zwift via Zwift Companion App (running on Samsung Galaxy S10). Unsuccessful.

(3) Successfully reconnected to Garmin Edge 520 to verify the new battery is still working. Successful. Disconnected from device menu before proceeding.

(4) Opened TacX Training App on Samsung S10. Successfully paired my trainer, cadence meter, AND heart rate monitor on the first attempt.

(5) Disconnected all three connections from TacX App, closed TacX App and restarted phone.

(6) Opened Zwift App (full app, not companion) on Samsung S10. Successfully connected to TacX Flux 2 Trainer but won’t recognize either Garmin HRM-Dual or cadence meter (also Garmin, came with same bundle) via Bluetooth.

(7) Enabled ‘ANT+ for Android App’ by tapping the button in the top left corner. Searched for HR monitor again, unsuccessful. App cannot locate the cadence meter either.

Please note my Garmin Edge 520 has been switched off since step 1, which was about a week ago.

Zwift customer support keeps trying to saying the issue is with other software but that doesn’t make sense. I can pair and disconnect between multiple devices (S10 via TacX Training and Garmin Edge 520 Plus) seemlessly, but as soon as I try to locate one of these devices with anything Zwift related (full app or companion app) I’m all of a sudden having issues.

I’m wondering if the ANT+ dongle for my computer (Microsoft Surface Pro if that matters) might be the only solution, since my trainer can pair via Bluetooth directly to my computer… but I don’t want to throw more money at this issue if it’s not going to work out. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense that one piece of software can connect (TacX) using the same device (S10), but another app (Zwift) cannot. TacX Training app, while not ideal, at least works and I need HR data to train properly over the winter.

Someone please help so I can have some fun on Zwift while training too!

Hi Nicholas,
quick answer is,
I would use Ant+ over bluetooth personally as it is more forgiving connection wise.

Bluetooth is fine but,
Bluetooth is different in that some devices receiving bluetooth will only accept one bluetooth connection and bluetooth being sent from a gadget will only connect with one receiving device.
Your problem may stem from one of those issues ie your HRM may already have connected with another device before the one you want it to. So its best to ensure any bluetooth devices not required are switched off or bluetooth disabled.
Sorry, I know my reply is vague but as you hadn’t had a reply I thought a bit of info may help.

Thanks for the reply! I’m just struggling to figure out why it will work with one app (TacX Trainer) but not Zwift (full app, not companion) yet they are using the same device (Samsung Galaxy S10).

The way I see it, if I was experiencing Bluetooth/ANT+ interference with another device then my HRM-Dual wouldn’t be able to connect to my S10 at all. But that’s not the case…

Would anyone suggest uninstalling TacX Trainer from my phone? Id rather not but if it’s a possible solution then I’m all ears

Have you made sure that other apps that might be connecting to the HRM are not running in the background? I have found this to be an issue with other HRMs that I use. Must have a Strava etc shut down to make the Bluetooth connection to the Zwift app. Also just curious why you are trying to connect it to the companion app, rather than the Zwift app.

I have your HRM and have not had any issues on iOS.

Pinging this as I still have the same problem although I’ve tried to do all things suggested above. Currently running Zwift by sharing internet from my iPhone, could that be the problem? Does any of you have another solution? I don’t want to buy a new hrm strap when this is supposed to work.


Tell us more about your setup Adam. What device are you running Zwift on? Are you trying to pair directly from Zwift or indirectly through the Companion App?

I’m using an Elite Suito trainer, running Zwift on my iPad Pro with internet shared from my iPhone. The trainer connects without problems at all times but neither my iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro or Zwift seem to find and connect to the Garmin hrm dual chest strap that’s supposed to have Bluetooth enabled. I’ve tried to disconnect the HRM from my Edge computer, closing down all other applications etc. don’t think that I can connect via the companion app as I am not on a WiFi?

As I cannot connect the hrm to ANY device, I’m starting to think that the hrm is broken, rather than some Zwift related issues. What do you think?

If you go into the bluetooth settings area on your phone do you see anything like HRM-Dualxxxxxxx, where the xxx’s are a bunch of numbers? If not, I’m guessing either the battery is dead in the HRM or the bluetooth itself on the HRM is dead. If you do see it there, I’m surprised you can’t get Zwift to recognize it. [Does it work with any device or software you own?]

No. So the the problem is it isn’t showing up on any devise, what so ever. Neither my iPhone, iPad or computer can recognize it in the Bluetooth settings. It just not showing up as a connectable device. It is new since two weeks and connects perfectly with my Garmin Edge (on ant+ I assume?), so it seems as the Bluetooth function is not working huh?

And now ant+ is dead too after changing to a new battery. Love Garmin!!

Fyi I solved the problem a few weeks ago.

Packed up my Tacx Flux 2, put the rear wheel back on, and starting riding my bike the old fashioned way (on a road). Huge improvement.

And now ant+ is dead too after changing to a new battery. Love Garmin!!

Haha, that is actually a very good solution :raised_hands:

Hi Adam,
it might be worth trying this. Remove the new battery from your Garmin and put it back in upside down for a moment or two. This will discharge the unit. Having done that, replace the new battery the correct way up.

This may just get your HRM working again. Well I hope it does.
Let me know how you get on if you can.

“Ride On”

PS The other problem may be that the chest strap needs replacing, even if it looks fine. This happened to me a while ago. All the best.

Thanks! I did leave the battery out for 10 minutes to “restart” and now the ant+ works at least but still no Bluetooth… I might just give Garmin a call on Monday and ask for a new one. At least I would then be able to bridge via the Companion app. Thanks all!