Garmin HRM-Dual will connect to everything other than Zwift

I am having exactly the same issue. Zwift pairs via Bluetooth to the Garmin Dual HRM but displays no data. It connects to my Karoo 2 via Bluetooth so no battery or transmission issue….just Zwift. Tried on Apple TV, IPad, iPhone and Asus gaming laptop….connection but no HR metrics. Really irritating as prior to a recent update it worked perfectly :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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FWIW: I use a Garmin Dual with Zwift and have had no issues using iPad or Apple TV. Be sure you are not connected to any other devices - including being connected directly to the iPad - and to also try force-quitting the Zwift app (and Companion app).


It’s February 2024 and I am having the same issue with my Garmin HR-Dual 253170. Hoping un-pairing from my iPad pro will cure the ills as the KOM rides won’t place me without HR data. That’s half the fun, right?
I also wear my Garmin Fenix 6 that using a wrist HR Monitor but it never shows up as a device when starting a ride, Should I remove it and store it beyond blue-tooth reach? I would also like a better understanding of the ant+ feature in the event I can choose one over the other.

Otherwise can someone recommend a foolproof ant+ HR Monitor?

My set-up is an iPad pro and I also screen mirror to a 4K TV in my garage.

I am not an Apple user, but I believe there is no ANT+ support - or only with a dongle?
Foolproof HR - I always used Polar and had never issues. H10 has ANT+ and 2x Bluetooth now. But I stil use my (7 years old) H7 indoor.

Edit - Garmin Connect running? I tested it once (years ago) and had to completely uninstall.

The Mac is the only Apple device that supports ANT+ and the driver is included.