Garmin Bluetooth HR monitor won't connect

I’m using a dual Bluetooth and Ant+ Garmin HR monitor and I can’t get it connect to Zwift. Either through my phone using the companion app, or with Zwift directly through my Win10 computer.

I understand there may be an issue with other apps using the Bluetooth connection, but I can’t find a way to stop this. I have forced shut Garmin Connect and Health apps on my phone, but I still can’t get a connection.

Any help on disconnecting all phone apps (except zwift companion) from the HR bluetooth connection?


Did you check your phone’s Bluetooth devices? It’s possible the HRM paired to the phone itself and Bluetooth is a 1 to 1 connection so once it’s linked it’s not discoverable anymore. Whereas ANT+ can connect to an infinite number of devices simultaneously

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Hi @Ben_de_Groot and welcome to the forums! I haven’t been able to connect with my Garmin dual HRM since the update at the end of October. Here is a link to the thread on this topic and the ideas that several people have had. It seems that some people are able to find a workaround and some aren’t :
Good luck, and if you find a solution, please post it!

Thanks for the reply. Just saw this. Ya the HR monitor isn’t connected yet. Also the problem is if it does connect to the phone I can’t disconnect it. Not an option for the HR device on my phone.

Hi @Beth_Klawun thanks for the reply. Sorry I should check this more often after posting a question.

Don’t think is WiFi related. I can’t change my frequency on my mesh network anyway. I’ve deleted almost all other apps on my phone that could be reading my HR (RGT, Garmin, Tacx) the only one left is Health. Hopefully that does the trick (or helps).

Thanks for your help.

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