HR Connected to Zwift app but zero on Companion

Hi, sorry if this has been asked million times.
I’m using Xiaomi-Note 8 which i had ant+ in my device.
I had both Companion and Zwift in my phone, and i tried to connect with my garmin HR on my zwift application on my mobile and it could connect without a problem.
The problem is when i want to use it on my PC with the Companion app, while i could connect my Speed & cadence sensor (which i use MAGENE) by bridging thru my phone but zero result on the Heart Rate.
Anyone could solve the problem?
is there any way to turn on the ant sensor? thanks a lot.

You need to disconnect it from your phone, it is likely your Phone still has an active Blutoothconnection to the device and thus your Zwift will not see it on your PC. use the “forget this device” on your phone for the Garmin device and then it should be visible in Zwift on your PC.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your reply sir. i tried but since Garmin HR use ant+ not bluetooth, so it’s not the problem i’m afraid. Cause i can’t detect my Garmin HR from my bluetooth paired devices. But once again thanks for your kind response. Actuall i need to turn on the zwift ant+ but it has the hazard sign so i can’t turn on, idk how to turn that on while on the zwift app on my phone i could turn it on so i could detect my HR device.

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Hi @Nicholas_Arnold, Welcome to the Zwift forums!

The Zwift Companion app doesn’t currently have the ability to bridge ANT+ sensors. That functionality will only work for Bluetooth sensors.

To pair your heart rate monitor with Zwift on your PC, you’ll want to use an ANT+ USB dongle so you can connect it directly.


Thanks Forrest_B for your kind response, that explains. SO either i buy ANT+ or buy HRM with a bluetooth connection is it?
Once again Thanks a lot !

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Welcome Nicholas, I missed that part in your original post.

Good to know Forrest!