I have been using Zwift with my trainer for almost a year and a half.
To begin with, I had difficulty with the contact between sensors, trainer computer and mobile phone.

After consulting friends, I found out that you first had to start the Zwift companion on your mobile phone and then the Zwift program on the computer. After this, it has worked almost completely without problems.

Now I have not used Zwift for a week due to being ill. When I was going to start yesterday, I did not manage to get in touch between the Zwift program and the trainer.

This is how it looks:

  • Launches Zwift companion on mobile phone.
  • Starts the Zwift program on the computer.
  • Sees that Zwift companion connects to the Zwift program
  • But the Zwift program does not connect to the heart rate monitor or the sensors on the trainer.

Has, to my knowledge, not changed any program setting that would be the reason why it now does
not work.

Has the following equipment:

Intel (R) Core ™ i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz
16.0 GB RAM
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Windows 11 Home
Free disk space 58 GB out of 237 GB
Installed program: Zwift version 1.1.1

Mobile phone:
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Memory 6 GB
Storage 128 GB
Model SM-G781B / DS
One-UL version 4.0
Android version 12
Installed program: Zwift Companion version 3.32.0

Heart rate monitor:

  • Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor with Ant + and Bluetooth
  • Tacx Smart T1994 Heart Rate Monitor (works unsafe)

Tacx Flux S Smart Bicycle Trainer


Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz #2
5 GHz

Computer and mobile phone setting looks according to following:

Wi-Fi ON
Bluetooth OFF

Mobile phone:
Wi-Fi ON
Bluetooth ON

Would be extremely grateful if any would help me get started with the equipment again.


SP BikeForce

Hi @Sten_Persson and welcome to the forums!

There was a companion app update this week on Android, perhaps that has reset some permissions on your phone for Zwift to access bluetooth. My first thought is that you need to tell the phone to allow Zwift to access “location” as this will let it use bluetooth. I believe the settings are under location permissions, if you long hold the companion app icon and go into the app info you will see the menu where you can turn it on.

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Hi @Sten_Persson

If you are using windows why don’t you connect the sensors directly to the PC.

Hov can i do that?
Do you meen that i can pairing sensors directly to the PC by enable blotooth att the PC?
I chall try it but i think i alredy have try that.

Thank you anyway.

Yes. Zwift will detect your sensors in Windows if you enable bluetooth on your pc. (if your pc has Bluetooth)

Note: you should not pair the sensors in the windows operating system.

One more thing ANT+ is a lot more stable, so investing in a ANT+ dongle is worth it.

I did as you said and checked Companion’s authority. In the phone, I see that permission for “location” is allowed. Thanks anyway. More suggestions are gratefully received.

Hello again!
Thanks for your tips.
Yes! My PC has bluetooth.
I want to remember that I tried that variant “bluetoth” but had problems with the heart rate monitor often, and even the trainer’s sensors lose contact.
Maybe it’s like you say I need to get an ANT + dongle.
The only question is:
Why has something that worked properly in the past now completely stopped working?
If you can answer that, you are worthy of all praise.

I assume it is the location settings on your device as Mike suggested. I have seen times where People had to select permissions only when the app is open as supposed to always.

It can also be that your fifi router need a restart.

Hello again!
Now tried to do as you said.

Now all sensors are connected - Hooray!
I’ll drive a pass and see how it goes.
Then I just wonder what the point of Zwift Companion in the mobile phone is.
Thank you very much.


another thought that might have been causing your issues. The small gear icon in the upper right of the pairing screen has options to use built in bluetooth or the companion app, perhaps that is what has changed?

The companion app has many different functions that make riding on Zwift better such as easier messaging, signing up for events, creating and managing clubs, and much more.