Not connecting to Kinetic smart trainer

 Hi, I recently bought the Kinetic road machine smart. It immediately paired with the Kinetic app, but it will not “see” Zwift. I’ve tried it from my iPhone and from my laptop with an ant+ stick. It just says Searching and will continue to search until I turn it off. I even let it search for 10 minutes while I was doing other things. Any suggestions?

Make sure you don’t have any other apps connected to the trainer.

When searching you have to pedal to wake up the trainer and to keep it awake.



I have had similar trouble with my kinetic trainer and the Zwift app.  You may want to make sure your phone is paired and on the same network as your computer.  When I still have trouble connecting I will then open the new mobile zwift app and pair directly to my trainer with my ipad or iphone, and turn off the computer.

I was using the app on my phone and still not pairing.

You probably know this but there are two zwift apps. The light blue one which allows the phone to be the go between your trainer and your computer. The orange zwift app pairs directly with your trainer. I have the orange one on my iPad and phone so I can use when my computer won’t connect with devices, when I have this problem I close all apps and restart computer and iPhone. I’ll calibrate the trainer with the kinetic app. I’ll then check my Bluetooth connection between phone and computer. I’ll start the mobile zwift app first and then computer app. 5% of the time I give up and use the orange zwift app on my iPad.  I also want to mention that I think your trainer is a Bluetooth trainer so the ant+ won’t help. My set up will use Bluetooth for the power source and cadence and my ant+ for my wahoo heart rate monitor…

You might also check that you don’t need a new battery on the Inride adapter.

the trainer connects to my PC but isn’t being seen on Zwitft.  I’ve tried everything. 


Michelle, can you elaborate a little?  Are you using Zwift Mobile Link with bluetooth pairing?  Zwift doesn’t support direct connection to the PC over bluetooth.

how do i get this mobile link?  i downloaded the pc zwift and computer is paired to kinetic but zwift app won’t pair.

works great on iphone but screen is too small.  need the pc laptop to work.  also, will zwift make a way to stream on smart tv?

So, I have tried everything and I still cannot get this to work on my PC.  I can get it to work fine with my iPad, but my iPad is too small to see.  I want to use my PC so I can connect to my big TV on the wall – so the PC app isn’t showing the Bluetooth as active.  I have it on the same network as my phone, I’ve tried pairing to my phone, my iPad – I’ve tried connecting to the trainer directly from the PC, that doesn’t work.  I’ve tried connecting the trainer to the kinetic app, works just fine – and as I said, it works fine on my iPad, but I dont’ want to use it there.  I’ve updated the apps, and the firmware.  nada.


to clarify, it does not appear that the PC app is connection to the Bluetooth LE – the sensor is not active. 




I’m still not clear if you are using the Zwift Mobile Link.  To use the trainer on Windows you launch the ZML and Zwift app on Windows.  In the pairing screen the bluetooth icon in the upper left should be showing a pulsing icon indicating that it is paired.  In the ZML settings you make sure it is available to pair BT sensors.  From there when you search for sensors in the Zwift windows application it should find your BT Kinetic trainer and other BT sensors.  I hope this helps.



I hope the following will help as I have a Kinetic Smart:

  1. The app to pair with your computer is Zwift Mobile Link - it’s the one with a blue icon, not the orange one. You don’t need to use the orange one if you’re using Zwift on your computer.

2) Start up Zwift on your computer - note that the direct USB connection (the printer port on the Kinetic and a direct cable) cannot be used to pair with your computer using Zwift.

  1. Start the Mobile Link App. It is imperative that that your computer AND your phone are on the same wi-fi network.

  2. When the Zwift pairing screen pops up on your computer, you must go under the gear icon near the top right, and select ‘Use Zwift Mobile Link’.

  3. Now pedal or otherwise move your back tire to ensure that the Kinetic is awake. It should pop up in a few seconds - the first time pairing seems to take longer.

This should get you going.

Words of advice - if you have a separate power meter and/or cadence sensor, absolutely use them (you’ll likely need a USB ANT+ dongle on your computer). The cadence sensor on the Kinetic is, in a word, terrible. It’s virtual, so it estimates your cadence - occasionally it is kind of close, but most of the time it’s comically off. I haven’t actually checked the accuracy of the power meter with the one on my bike, so I can’t claim anything about the accuracy of that portion. The resistance is somewhat limited in what grade it will simulate though - it will not accurately simulate the radio tower climb in Watopia, even if you crank the resistance up to maximum (located in another screen in Zwift after you start). It can do 10% grade tops.

Other words of advice - if you can avoid buying the Kinetic, or return it for a full refund, then do it. I absolutely despise it, so I’ve bought a Neo and my wife uses the Kinetic, but I am still the techie, and have choice words for it every time she uses it. There are far better trainers out there in terms of features, connectivity, and price point, so I would never, ever, recommend this trainer. I get that it has the road feel, which is why I converted one my existing RnR frames, but that doesn’t overcome the many shortcomings of it.