Kinetic 2800 will not connect

 I just bought a Kinetic 2800 and can pull up and connect to the Kinetic app, but when I try to get on Zwift it doesn’t connect.  I have tried a laptop, iPhone and iPad and still no luck.  I want to get started asap on Zwift.  I saw that there was a similar problem from March and tried everything they suggested there and still no luck.  I have tried the mobile app on the iPhone as well as the orange app on both the iPhone and Macbook.  Very frustrated after hours of attempting to connect.  By the way I even got a new battery in the bluetooth on the trainer and took out the Multimeter to make sure the batteries were ok.  They connected to the Kinetic app, so I figured they were ok, but made sure.  


If you are connecting using Bluetooth you must make sure it is not connected to any other app or device since Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time. To use a PC you will need to use the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the Bluetooth signal or use an ANT+ dongle. 


Just to reiterate what Paul said above, don’t connect with the Kinetic app before trying to connect to Zwift: your trainer will already be paired with the other app, and Zwift won’t be able to see it. As a rule of thumb, if your trainer doesn’t show up as an available device in a Bluetooth search on a device, then Zwift isn’t going to see it either.

Also, be sure you’re following the instructions for either native BLE or BLE through the Mobile Link as described on our knowledge base. Let us know if you’re still having problems pairing!

I should have mentioned that I had turned off the Kinetic app only after I couldn’t connect to Zwift.  I turned it off each time I tried to connect to  Zwift.  After playing with it I realized that my Kinetic Smart device was dropping.  I should have a new one delivered by tomorrow.