Kinetic T2700 connection issue

I have a Kinetic T2700 and can not connect it with zwift. I tried to connect with 2 diffrent Android Phones. I can connect with the Kinetic App and everything works fine there. I did close the Kinetic app before trying to reconnect. I also changed the battery. Any adivce or tipps?

Just to clarify, Is the Zwift app and KInetic app on the same Android device? And your trainer will connect to the KInetic app but not to the Zwift app? If that is correct then the only thing I can think of is that the KInetic app, even though closed, may still be running in the background. On my apple device I can close background apps so first step is to make sure it is not running in the background and grabbing your Bluetooth.

Hello Bob, thanks for the reply. Yes both are installed on the same phone. I tried today with the other phone (only zwift app installed) to pair. But I can not see the device.

Is there any option to access in a diffrent way or something?

Make see that all BT devices except the one running Zwift has BT turned off. If that doesn’t work try:
“ Unplug your bike trainer, wait for few seconds, and before you plug the trainer back in, open the pairing menu in Zwift and let it start searching, then plug your bike trainer back into a power supply.”

Hello, thank you for the two tipps. I tried both of them, I disabled all connected bluethoot devices. Then I tried pairing with zwift again with no effect. Although I can see the InRide device in the native Android menu.
I then took out the battery while trying to connect with zwift and put the battery in again. The Zwift app just shows no devices.

Can you share a picture of what your pairing screen looks like? Again, you can calibrate your trainer and run the KInetic app on Bluetooth without any problems?

Its is starting to sound like a Zwift issue. Have you tried removing and reloading the Zwift app?

These are the Screenshots. I can connect and disconnect with the Kinetic Fit App without a problem. I can also see the InRide in my Bluethoot settings directly. I tried to turn off the apps and phone, and pair again. But no results will show. As I said we also tried with an other Android device. I will try to uninstall the apps and install again today.

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