Zwift isn't connecting to my Kinetic Road machine smart anymore.

It has been working fine up til now, however it isn’t picking up the trainer anymore, I can see its picking up the sensor on the icon top left (Bluetooth) but isn’t connecting anymore so no Zwift. Please can somebody help. Kinetic inRide is working fine btw.

What is your configuration?  Mac? PC?   Do you use Zwift Mobile Link to connect and is it via our iOS or Android version?

PC with Android Zwift mobile link.

Our Android app did get updated this week but it was a very minor change.  You don’t happen to have an iPod 6 or iPad laying around you could try with our iOS version of Zwift Mobile Link do you? It might help narrow down the problem here.

If not, try unplugging the trainer for 10 seconds, and rebooting the phone.  

Finally, maybe see if the Kinetic app can see your trainer on your phone, and then also make sure no other apps on your phone might be connecting to the trainer.  With bluetooth only one app at a time can connect to a device.